Uganda: Police station loses TV gift to thugs

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Jinja Police Station. PHOTO BY PHILIP WAFULA 


Police at Jinja Central Police Station are investigating the theft of their television set, barely a month after it was given to them.

The 40-inch plasma screen that was given to the law-enforcement agency by Startimes last month was on Monday plucked off the wall adjacent to the reception that is usually manned by at least three officers who operate in shifts.

While police thought they had firmly kept the incident under wraps, a detective who declined to be named, on Tuesday morning said the television was stolen.

“It (television) was given to us last month by Startimes and it was fitted directly opposite the reception; unfortunately, it has been stolen and we don’t know who took it,” the officer said.

When contacted, the Kiira Region police Spokesperson, Ms. Diana Nandaula, first feigned ignorance of the matter before confirming the theft of the station’s prized television.

“Okay, what do you want to know? It’s true our television has been stolen and we have tasked the officers who were on duty to explain how that happened. Unfortunately, I have a very serious assignment I’m undertaking after which I’ll give you details,” she said.

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The bizarre case has left residents wondering how a television set that has tightly been fastened on a wall across a police reception can be stolen.

“Who can make such a daring raid and steal a television from the police station? The officers who were on duty that day should answer,” Musa Kalinaki, a boda boda rider at Biashara building stage remarked.

An employee of Startimes, which is located a few blocks from the police station, said he informally heard that the television had been stolen but they are waiting for official communication from the station.

Source Daily Observer.

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