Uganda: Four captured in Uganda over ‘demonstrations of homosexuality’

Uganda: Four captured in Uganda over ‘demonstrations of homosexuality’

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

Ugandan police on Monday declared the capture of four individuals for supposedly captivating in same-sex movement, 90 days after the introduction of draconian anti-gay legalisation ignited international outrage.

A police representative told AFP the authorities had captured four individuals  including two ladies at a back rub parlor for the eastern locale of Buikwe on Saturday.

“The police activity was carted out following a tip-away by a female witness to the region security that demonstrations of homosexuality were being completed at the back rub parlor,” Hellen Butoto said.

The United Nations, foreign governments including the US, and global rights groups have denounced the new regulation, which was endorsed into law in May.

This month the World Bank reported it was suspending new advances toward the East African country, saying the law “generally goes against” the qualities upheld by the US-based loan specialist.

In May, US President Joe Biden required the prompt nullification of the actions he marked “a shocking infringement of widespread basic freedoms” and took steps to cut help and interest in Uganda.

However, the public authority has stayed disobedient and the regulation has expansive help in the moderate, dominatingly Christian nation, where officials have guarded the actions as an important defense against saw Western corruption.

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