Uganda – Cries did not save Kirumira, Mao tells Minister Anite

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Mr Mao (L), during the press conference in Kampala. PHOTO BY SHABIBAH NAKIRIGYA  Advertisement


KAMPALA- The President of Democratic Party (DP), Mr Norbert Mao has asked the embattled Investment State Minister Evelyn Anite to stop panicking but join them and fight the mafias in government whom she accuses of plotting to end her life.

Mr Norbert Mao, told journalists on Tuesday that if Ms Anite is tired of a corrupt government, she should join the Opposition because her cries will not solve any problem.

“We ask Ms Anite to resign because she is not a soldier and nobody should stop her from resigning because crying will not stop the so called mafias from getting her,” Mr Mao said.

 Mr Mao cited the late Mohammad Kirumira, the former Buyende District Commander, who was shot dead after publically crying out that the mafia gang was plotting to kill him.

He said the members of the gang are shameless and ruthless.

 “This mafia kind of politics is what we call the politics of commission. Getting money  out of a transaction involving the Ugandan government .I warn the so-called mafias that they cannot kill everybody and time will come when their government will come to an end,” he said. 

On Monday, Ms Anite called a press conference and announced that “enemies of the people” who are members of the mafia cabal fond of intimidating and robbing from Ugandans are plotting to kill her, over the Uganda Telecom audit debacle.

 Ms Anite who failed to name members of the mafia gang said that they are known because they have been holding secret meetings in government offices and high-end social places in Kampala city.

Mr Mao said that DP wants a forensic audit of UTL.

He said the struggling telecom company should not be sold to private investors.

Mr Mao said a strategic partner should be sought because Ugandans want a telecommunication company that belongs to Uganda.

Ms Anite,  who is also the Koboko Municipality Member of Parliament shot to prominence after kneeling before President Museveni and begged him to be the sole presidential candidate for the ruling  National Resistance Movement party  before the 2016 general election.

This was during a retreat for NRM members of Parliament in Kyankwanzi, on February, 9, 2014.

 In September 2017, at the height of the push to scrap the presidential age limit from the Constitution, Ms Anite raised political stakes when she announced that the UPDF, which is ideally a non-partisan nation force, was siding with a group that was pushing for the amendment to allow Mr Museveni, 75, contest in 2021.

Without the amendment, Mr Museveni would be ineligible to contest in 2021 since the presidential age cap was 75.

Source Daily Monitor.

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