Uganda: Civilian grabs gun, shoots police officer dead in Moyo

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by URN

A police officer attached to the anti-stock theft unit in Metu sub-county in Moyo district, northern Uganda, has been shot dead by a civilian.    Majid Moro was shot dead by his own gun on Tuesday afternoon as he tried to save a suspect accused of murdering two young boys from being lynched by a mob in Onyire village in Moyo sub-county.   According to Moyo district police commander, Shafick Kasujja, an unknown civilian grabbed a gun from Moro and shot him dead before fleeing into hiding.    “We got information that there is some mob in Lugoba, so we sent there our police officers to see whether the information is true. Reaching at the place, these people were in a meeting. At the end of the meeting, these people were forcing a certain person that he should cater for the burial expenses.   When this man refused, these people charged and started stoning and the police officers tried to save this man from being killed. They ran with him up to the main road and reaching the main road, these people had waited for them. They grabbed the gun from one of the police officers and shot him and left the gun on his body.” said Kasujja.    Moyo deputy resident district commissioner, Gore Goffin has condemned the incident and called for calm from residents as they hunt for the killer. Several residents have fled the village following the shooting of the police officer. Moyo sub county LC III chairperson, Daniel Buni has appealed to residents to return home as calm has returned to the village.  

About two months ago, a refugee grabbed a gun from a police officer in Palorinya in Obongi district and shot him. The officer was rushed for treatment in Kampala.

Credit to The Observer.

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