UDP 2026 presidential candidate unknown: Darboe

UDP 2026 presidential candidate unknown: Darboe

The secretary general and leader of the United Democratic Party (UDP), Lawyer Ousainu Darboe, in an interview with Home Digital FM, emphasised that the next flag bearer of the party is unknown, arguing that he still holds the baton till things change.

Lawyer Darboe has been the lone standard bearer since the party’s inception 27 years agao. Although he is not desperate to become the next President, many Gambians including his party militants believe that there could be a change of presidential candidate for the nation’s strongest opposition party. 

Speaking to Senior Journalist Pa Modou Bojang, the UDP leader harped that some people think he is the main obstacle for the party to gain power, while reiterating that the issue of flag bearer is based on the party’s Constitution.

“The party’s selection committee is responsible for selecting a presidential candidate and not congress. Anyone who wishes to be the flag bearer will write to the central committee and they will review all applications as we did during the last local government elections. Only Allah knows who will be the next UDP flag bearer but as we speak, I am the leader of the party until anything happens.”

Although rumours are circulating that the party could choose Talib Ahmed Bensouda, the current Kanifing Municipal Council Mayor as the 2026 presidential candidate, Darboe clearly stated that any registered militant has the right to write to become the flag bearer.

When asked whether he would write to vie for the 2026 election, he replied that things that are not due shouldn’t attract conversation. He said that will be determined when it’s time, adding that no one knows what will happen before the 2026 election.

As interesting moments are about to happen for the UDP’s presidential candidate selection for the 2026 election, the senior journalist asked lawyer Darboe if the party had anyone to recruit as the next presidential candidate. However, Darboe, who did not wish to talk about his decision to withdraw from the race, insisted: “Any party militant, who is educated, has the right to become a flag bearer through the selection committee.”

Source: The Point

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