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It is with great shock and profound sadness that we learn of the sudden death of one of the most illustrious daughters of Sooninkara, the nationally acclaimed GRTS journalist Sise Sawaneh.

Sise was a hardworking, dedicated and consummate professional, who blazed a trail, from her days of great success as Sooninkara’s most celebrated journalist/activist with GRTS where she won awards at the institution.

Sise was a friend, a colleague and a patriot who cared very deeply about Sooninkara, The Gambia and global leadership that serves people and improve lives.

Her brilliant work during 2018 Yaaxaraqe cultural event, was hailed by all of us here at SYDO.

She always sought every opportunity to share her deep passion for Sooninkara’s success.

She sought our advices during her last trip to Kantora and we discussed varied issues relating to Sooninkara and Gambia.

She invited us to take better advantage of the “New Gambia” to achieve our collective aims and objectives.

In her passing, Sooninkara, Gambia and the world have lost a great, dedicated and wonderful human being.

May her and the departed souls rest in perfect peace.

On behalf of our cabinet, board if directors and general members of SYDO, we wish to express our deepest sympathy and condolences to her father Mr Sawaneh, her siblings, the entire family, her colleagues at GRTS and the journalism fraternity.

Sarahulleh Youth Development Organisation
Communications Department.

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