Tragedy Strikes as Cyclone Michaung Claims Eight Lives Along the Indian Coast

Tragedy Strikes as Cyclone Michaung Claims Eight Lives Along the Indian Coast

By Zuleihat Owuiye, Mamos Nigeria

In a tragic turn of events on Tuesday, eight lives were claimed by severe floods as Cyclone Michaung approached India’s southern city of Chennai. The Indian Meteorological Department predicted the cyclone’s landfall on the coast of Andhra Pradesh, with wind speeds reaching up to 100 kilometers per hour. Chennai witnessed widespread flooding, submerging homes, and even prompting the unusual sight of a crocodile navigating the inundated streets. Citizens in affected areas resorted to using boats for evacuation, seeking refuge in government relief shelters. The Tamil Nadu state chief minister described the storm as the most severe in recent memory, highlighting the dire situation faced by residents.

The impact of the cyclone extended beyond the human toll, causing disruptions to key manufacturing and business operations. Apple iPhone manufacturers Foxconn and Pegatron, along with automaker Hyundai, suspended their activities in Tamil Nadu due to the adverse weather conditions.

Reports from the police indicate that the casualties in Chennai resulted from various incidents, including drownings, injuries from falling trees, electrocution in water with live wires, and fatalities caused by collapsing walls. The images circulating on social media depict uprooted trees and vehicles carried away by the relentless downpour. The authorities are grappling with the aftermath, emphasizing the need for coordinated efforts to address the extensive damage caused by Cyclone Michaung.

As the affected region faces these challenging circumstances, it is crucial for residents to stay informed about official guidance and support services available. The cyclone’s impact serves as a stark reminder of the vulnerability of coastal areas to severe weather events, prompting a collective call for preparedness and resilient infrastructure.

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