The Rise of Girls Power In The World’s Largest Democracy

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As Professor Jill Biden & Senator Kamala Harris: They Are Rare Combination of Beauty, Brain, And Bravery Pledge To Make America Great Again.
Alagi Yorro Jallow
Fatoumatta: Professor Tracy Jill Biden and Senator Kamala Harris, are two extraordinary women, blessed by strong character, love, empathy for others, and willingness to serve to bring comfort and happiness to others, and help them find fulfillment. They prefer to see the good in others, bring out the best in them, and do all it takes to help them be better versions of themselves. Joseph Biden Jr. presumptive Democratic Party Presidential nominee is blessed to have these two women by his side in the battle for the Soul of America.
Fatoumatta: It is excellent and refreshing to have a warning Vice President and a speaking First Lady agreeing. However, doing the talking has phenomenal causes making America great again. There was a loud US First Lady who was derided with as many negative names as the public could coin. Eleanor Roosevelt was called ‘Madam President,’ ‘Lenin in skirts,’ ‘Stalin in petticoats,’ ‘Empress Eleanor,’ – even “the most dangerous individual in the United States today” – all because she broke the hymen of silence and stillness around the President’s wife. Even the New York Times would write a whole editorial on her outspokenness with the remonstration that “the very best helpers of a president are those who do all they can for him, but keep still about it.” Before her, Abigail, President John Adam’s wife, saw her husband writing the US Declaration of Independence in 1776 and told him to point-blank to “remember the ladies.”
Fatoumatta: Like that fiery Senator Kamala Harris, the President’s wife is not just a trumpeting warner, but also a prophetess. Jill Biden will not be the first First Lady to sense and warn repeatedly. Shakespeare insistently shows us Julius Caesar’s third (or fourth) wife, Calpurnia, as a worthy seer in the bosom of power to keep.
Fatoumatta: As I watched the former Second Lady of the United States of America, Professor Biden on national television daily, I saw dissent. I saw the deviance. I saw resistance. I saw opposition to Donald Trump what the present gives. Professor Jill Biden and Senator Kamala Harris are a rare combination of beauty, brain, and bravery. They talk straight. Did you listen to what she said?
Fatoumatta: Tough times demand tough people. If a man discovers a cobra under his pillow and faints, what shall we say is wrong if his wife gets up and kills the snake? At least, we have someone speaking out, especially now that all the loud voices of the past have gone dumb, quiet. We do not even know what has taken some men their vocal cords away? Is it food or fear?
Both I think…’
Well, I believe Professor Jill Biden and Senator Kamala Harris will do very well, filling the void. However, the role they play is quite gigantic, very colossal, the face and voice of the Republican opposition, and Donald Trump to the ways of helping Joe Biden’s leading the greatest country on planet earth.
Fatoumatta: The traits that make Professor Jill Biden and Senator Kamala Harris unique human beings: Jill and Kamala, inherited difficult circumstances in their personal lives, but they overcame with outstanding dedication and love shining brightly through others. Fate has brought the two women together, for what may become their most significant opportunity for service to America. Suppose Joe Biden is elected the President of the United States of America. In that case, Jill will be the First Lady, and Kamala will be the Vice-president of the United States of America, respectively. Jill was the Second Lady during the administration of President Barack Obama, which had Joe Biden as Vice-President.
Jill Biden, a Professor, is a teacher and educator. She is known for her quote”, if they out-educate us, they will out- develop us.” After the tragedy, she married Joe Biden, who claimed the lives of his wife and daughter, leaving him with two young boys, Beau and Hunter. Joe, as the surviving parent to his two boys, refused to move to Washington as a Senator. He commuted daily by train from Wilmington, Delaware to Washington DC, and back in time, to make dinner for the boys, tell them bed-time stories, and tuck them into bed.
Then Joe met and started a loving relationship with Jill over four decades ago. In her words, Jill said, ” I started courtship with Joe, Beau, and Hunter… we went on vacation together .and we married together. We are a family”, what a loving and extraordinary woman! Jill married Biden with two boys and accepted them wholeheartedly and lovingly as her kids. The boys also reciprocated the love she showered on them. In 2008, when Biden ran to be President before Obama selected him as VP, after dropping out of the race, Beau Biden, spoke about his father at a press conference called to announce Joe’s bid. He said,” I will credit my mother, Jill, for rebuilding our family after the tragedy that happened to us.” He looked at her affectionately, became emotional, and was handed some tissue papers to wipe his tears. Joe also was overcome by emotion and shed tears. Jill is a kind, strong, and loving woman, no doubt, but she is more than that. She is a pillar of support to her husband, Joe Biden, and their three children. She had a daughter for Joe.
From the moment they met, up and until now, she has stood by her husband as his rock and biggest cheerleader. As Second Lady, she was still teaching and expanding the frontiers of education in the US and her duties as the Second Lady. She has pledged to remain a teacher as First Lady if Joe is elected President.
Kamala Harris is another strong and passionate woman. She was the District Attorney of San Francisco and the Attorney-General of California. She is currently and the junior Senator from California. In every position she has found herself in her essential public service, she has always fought on the little guy’s side against bullies and the strong. She is a fighter for ordinary people. She talked about how her mother raised her and her sister, Maya, to do something when something is not right or when things are going bad. Kamala does not have Biological Children of her own. She met, fell in love with, and married Douglas Emhoff, an attorney who was divorced from his wife. Doug had two children; Cole and Ella, with his divorced wife. Kamala said,” I was already in love with Doug, but it was Cole and Ella that reeled me in.” Kamala has a beautiful and loving relationship with the children. They affectionately call her Momala- something of endearment in Jewish culture.
While appearing with Joe after her selection as VP nominee, Kamala said, ” It will be great to be called the vice president of the United States, but what is dearest to me is Momala. It is a great pleasure to be a mother to Cole and Ella”. For Kamala, it did not matter that Cole and Ella are not her biological children. She loves them genuinely and sincerely. She will also be speaking this week on her value and vision for America. She is also a strong, independent woman. You have heard about how historic and limit-busting her choice is, but beyond all that, Kamala is a loving wife to Doug, and mother to Cole and Ella. Doug is also a fierce defender of his devoted wife. In one of her campaign events for the President of the US, two young men moved fiercely toward Kamala. Doug, fearing that she may come to some harm, jumped out of the crowd to defend his wife. He prevented them from reaching her.
Fatoumatta: The former Second Lady Jill Biden and former Attorney General in San Francisco Kamala Harris warned all of us: ‘We should not keep silent while things are happening, thinking that if something happens today, it will not happen tomorrow. What happened today will happen tomorrow; it will also occur next tomorrow if we keep silent. It is compulsory to speak the truth. It is not proper for us to reelect Donald Trump in the November election will allow him to continue destroying the American values of our founding fathers’ people and keep quiet. We must speak on whatever is going wrong in the country.’ ” They are right. Is there not a warning like: ‘Resist much. Obey little’?”
Yes. That is ‘Caution’ from Walt Whitman. Moreover, he adds rather darkly: ‘Once unquestioning obedience, once fully enslaved; Once fully enslaved, no nation, state, city, of this earth, ever afterward resumes its liberty.’ ” I hope we will learn from Professor Jill Biden and Senator Kamala Harris and find our voice and reclaim our lives.

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