‘The Public Service is the first victim of brutality under Jammeh’ -President Barrow

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His Excellency President Adama Barrow has said that the Public Service is the first victim of the brutality of the past regime.
He said the public service has been generally politicized, abused and rendered irrelevant as most operational and strategic decisions were surrendered to the Office of the President for one man to make them all.
President Barrow was addressing civil servants at a meeting he held on January 23, 2018, at the State House in Banjul.
He said the public service has been genrally abused under the former regime, coupled with great instability of tenure and the brain drain, thus becoming largely non-responsive and low performing.
He said: "Fundamentally, when people went to the polls on the 1st December 2016 and voted in a new government, there were many transformative agenda items on the ballot which translate into a social contract between the government and the people."
President Barrow stated that the expectations were and are still very high and deserve to be managed and attended to, through deliberate and specific programs and projects designed to provide dividends of democracy. He observed that the process requires commitment, hard work and sincerity by all especially leaders in the civil service sector.  
"On our part, at the level of the Executive, there is a huge political will to pursue the path of reform and restoration of best practices and not punishment. This is why my first administrative orders as President were all aimed at revamping and sanitizing the public service. These include:- setting up a panel to orderly reinstate the officials who were wrongfully dismissed by the previous Government; decongest the Office of the President by re-assigning institutions and line departments to the purview of the ministries where they rightfully belong; and effectively empower the sectors to be in charge of their mandates and be accountable for their actions," he remarked.
The president said his government has reviewed terms of references for the appointment of the Regional Governors and other key personnel to be non-partisan in their day to day administrative work.
According to him, the Public Service Commission is now fully staffed and ready to discharge its oversight functions to ensure the application of due process across the service.
At the national level, he said, the National Development Plan (2018-2021) has now been validated and is ready for implementation.
"This plan which carries the hopes and aspirations of the Gambian people has fully embraced the manifesto and philosophy of the Coalition 2016, as well as the priorities of the individual Ministries and line Departments."
Written by Mamos Tv


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