The Point clocks 32 tomorrow, remembers Deyda

The Point clocks 32 tomorrow, remembers Deyda

The Point, a leading newspaper in the The Gambia, celebrates its 32-years anniversary tomorrow and remembers the assassination of its Co-Publisher Deyda Hydara.

The late Deyda Hydara was gunned down in cold blood on the orders of former president Yahya Jammeh. One of the junglers’ drivers, Bai Lowe, who participated in the killing of Deyda was on 30 November 2023 sentenced to life imprisonment in Germany. The Point welcomes the good move while continuing to intensify the call for the arrest and prosecution of all culprits involved in the cold-blood murder, including Jammeh.

The paper was established on December 16, 1991 by Pap Saine, the late Deyda Hydara and Baboucar Gaye. In April 1992, Baboucar resigned and established his newspaper and radio called Citizen FM.

Pap Saine, Co-Publisher of The Point, underscored the importance of the occasion marking the celebration while seizing the opportunity to thank the staff and ex-staff, readers and advertisers for keeping The Point excelling and growing from height to height.

He said: “The Point is playing a key role in the democratic society of the Gambia. The Point exposes corruption, and promotes good governance, human rights and rule of law. The paper represents the voiceless in their problems. The Point newspaper, which publishes in English and French, has won awards on Press Freedom in Germany, Australia, South Africa, Zambia, the United States (US) and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).”

“The Point is not only a media house but an institution where many senior government officials started their careers,” Mr Saine said, thanking the Hydara family for the longstanding partnership to run the affairs of the company with Baba Hydara, son of the late Deyda.

“I thank the family for trusting me to lead the company and working with Baba Hydara,” he said. “I seize this opportunity to thank our dedicated staff for their good job, patience and tolerance during this hardship.”

The veteran journalist also thanked Barrow’s government for creating the enabling atmosphere to work without hindrance and interference in  editorial issues compared to the past regime when journalists were killed and arrested unlawfully, leaving some people in asylum.

Baba Hydara, Co-publisher of The Point, reflected on the circumstances leading to the unlawful killing of his father Deyda Hydara, saying the anniversary coincided with the regrettable death of his father on 16 December 2004.

He says it’s always hard to use the word ‘celebration’ as he sees it as a day of reflection, reassessing the work of the paper since the demise of his father. 

Dwelling on the level of justice for the culprits that murdered his father, Mr Hydara stated: “There has been a positive development regarding the trial in Celle on 30 November, 2023. Bai Lowe, one of the junglers who took part in the assassination of my father, was convicted and sentenced to life in prison in Germany. Although the outcome doesn’t erase the pain felt all these years, it gives us hope that one day we will have Yahya Jammeh to answer in court not only for the crimes he committed against my family but also for the whole victim community.”

Hydara, went on to pray that “Allah continues to bless, guide and protect The Point newspaper, the staff, and Uncle Pap Saine – a special person” for his love and appreciation, as he did a lot with his father. Mr Hydara noted that Mr Saine has always been a person he looks up to.

Having Uncle Pap Saine around him is what helps is and contributes to developing him to be the person he is, he said, adding: “Though my dad is not around, I know I have a father that’s still alive. We pray to Allah to bless him with good health, wealth and long life. Amen! In his final statement, Mr Hydara thanked the entire Point family including the staff and freelancers, readers, advertisers, and all those who contributed to the progress of the company.

Source: The Point

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