GAMBIA: The NAMs Who Voted In The State Of Public Emergency For The Record Of History

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Gambian people deserve to know the truth and also posterity need to know how their representatves voted when the request for an extension of the State of Public Emergency was made by the executive on Saturday, 16 May 2020.

  1. The following 23 National Assembly Members voted for the Motion for an extension of the state of public emergency:
  2. Hon. Samba Jallow (NRP)
  3. Hon. Sankung Jammeh (APRC)
  4. Hon. Muhamed Magassy (INDEPENDENT)
  5. Hon. Sidia Jatta (PDOIS)
  6. Hon. Halifa Sallah (PDOIS)
  7. Hon. Ousman Sillah (PDOIS)
  8. Hon. Suwaibou Touray (PDOIS)
  9. Hon. Muhamed Ndow (PPP)
  10. Hon. Fatoumata Njie (PPP)
  11. Hon. Alhaji Mbow (NRP)
  12. Hon. Ndey Secka (NOMINATED)
  13. Hon. Sunkary Badjie (APRC)
  14. Hon. Kebba Jallow (GDC)
  15. Hon. Ousman Touray (GDC)
  16. Hon. Amadou Camara (NRP)
  17. Hon. Billay Tunkara (INDEPENDENT)
  18. Hon. Fatouhmata Jawara (INDEPENDENT)
  19. Hon. Saikouba Jarju (INDEPENDENT)
  20. Hon. Abdoulie Ceesay (INDEPENDENT)
  21. Hon. Babagaleh Jallow (INDEPENDENT)
  22. Hon. Saikou Marong (INDEPENDENT)
  23. Hon. Omar Darboe (INDEPENDENT)
  24. Hon. Alhaji Drammeh (UDP)
  25. The following 25 National Assembly Members voted against the Motion for an extension of state of public emergency:
  26. Hon. Alhagie Darboe (UDP)
    2.. Hon. Sanna Jawara (UDP)
  27. Hon. Sulayman Saho (UDP)
  28. Hon. Madi Ceesay (UDP)
  29. Hon. Sainey Touray (UDP)
  30. Hon. Ya Kumba Jaiteh (NOMINATED)
  31. Hon. Momodou L.K. Sanneh (UDP)
  32. Hon. Kebba K. Barrow (UDP)
  33. Hon. Alhaji S. Darboe (UDP)
  34. Hon. Bakary Camara (UDP)
  35. Hon. Momodou Ceesay (UDP)
  36. Hon. Fakebba Colley (UDP)
  37. Hon. Assan Touray (UDP)
  38. Hon. Lamin J. Sanneh (UDP)
  39. Hon. Bakary Njie (UDP)
  40. Hon. Dembo K. M. Camara (UDP)
  41. Hon. Kajali Fofana (UDP)
  42. Hon. Foday N. Drammeh (UDP)
  43. Hon. Fakebba L. Colley (UDP)
  44. Hon. Lamin N. F. Conta (UDP)
  45. Hon. Alhagie Sillah (UDP)
  46. Hon. Alfusainey Ceesay (UDP)
  47. Hon. Omar Ceesay (GDC)
  48. Hon. Alhagji Sowe (GDC)
  49. Hon. Salifu Jawo (GDC)
  50. The NAM below Abstained in the vote
  51. Hon. Muhamed Mahanera (UDP)
  52. The following members were absent during the vote for an extension of the state of public emergency:
  53. Hon. Musa Amul Nyassi (APRC)
  54. Hon. Modou Camara (APRC)
  55. Hon. Kaddy Camara (APRC)
  56. Hon. Sainey Jawara (NRP)
  57. Hon. Matarr Jeng (UDP)
  58. Hon.Yaya Gassama (UDP)
  59. Hon. Majanko Samusa (NOMINATED)

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