The Gambia and the EU sign a new Budget Support programme of 2,93 billion dalasi to support key reforms and social services delivery

The Gambia and the EU sign a new Budget Support programme of 2,93 billion dalasi to support key reforms and social services delivery

On the 20 November, The Republic of the Gambia and the EU have signed a new Financing Agreement for the implementation of the 4th State and Resilience Building Contract for The Gambia. The total funding of the European Union to the Financing Agreement is 40 Euro  million, i.e. over 2,93 billion dalasi, comprised of 36 Euro million – to be disbursed during the fiscal years 2023 and 2025 – and 4 Euro million for complementary support.

The overall objective of the Financing Agreement signed by Hon. Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs Seedy Keita and EU ambassador Corrado Pampaloni is to support the Government of the Gambia in its efforts to consolidate a peaceful, inclusive and democratic society, while also promoting gender equality.

During the signatory ceremony, The European Union Ambassador to The Gambia, Corrado Pampaloni, stated that: “This agreement serves as a tangible manifestation of our shared commitment to strengthening the foundations of governance, stability, and resilience in The Gambia.” He added: “The objectives outlined in this agreement are not just financial commitments. They embody a common vision for a Gambia that is not only economically stable but also socially inclusive and politically resilient. We are placing particular emphasis on bolstering key sectors that are instrumental for sustainable development.”

The agreement focuses on reforms initiated by the Government of The Gambia since 2017 including:

•   The Implementation of the White Paper commitments related to the recommendations from the TRRC;

•   The formulation and implementation of the National Development Plans for 2023-27; 

•   The expansion of Social Protection support programmes for the vulnerable population;

•   Enhancing relevance and accountability of Public Financial Management for the delivery of essential services to the citizens of the Gambia;

•   Migration management with a specific focus on readmission and reintegration, in recognition of the multifaceted challenges faced by both Europe and The Gambia on irregular migration.

Background on Budget Support

The funding of the financial agreement is per se is not earmarked for specific expenses. The funding goes to the General Treasury to ensure the State’s ownership over the national budget. However, in the framework of our budget support programmes The Gambia and the EU agree on a certain number of objectives translated into indicators. In concrete terms, a part of the budget support is disbursed in forms of fixed tranches. Another chunk of the budget support funding is disbursed via variables tranches that a related to the implementation of these specific agreed indicators. In other words, 100% of a given variable tranche is allocated provided that 100% of the related indicators are met. To ensure an efficient implementation of the programme, both parties carry out a regular policy dialogue encompassing all the key results identified in the Financing Agreement.

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