Tension rises as eight soldiers, cops feared killed in Imo

Tension rises as eight soldiers, cops feared killed in Imo

By Zuleihat Owuiye, Mamos Nigeria

The Imo State Police Order has promised to fish out the enemies of the security agents who were on Tuesday killed in Umualumaku, Ehime Mbano Nearby Government Region of the stat.

Shooters on Wednesday released disorder in Umualumaku people group, Ehime Mbano Nearby Government Area of Imo State, killing around eight security agents containing troopers, police officers and men of the Nigeria Security and Common Safeguard Corps.

The episode which occurred at around 9.30am caused alarm among occupants of the area.

It was accumulated that individuals from the Joint Team, who were in two Hilux vans were killed and set on fire in the watch vehicles by their assailants.

Not a single one of them made due as they were scorched inside their functional vehicles.

Talking on the occurrence with , the representative for the state Police Order, Henry Okoye, affirmed the episode, adding that an examination had started into the ruthless killings.

Okoye said, “I have let you know that we are examining. I’m guaranteeing individuals from the public that we will fish out the people who are involved and make them face the law.”

He could, in any case, not affirm the quantity of safety agents who were killed during the assault.

An inhabitant of the local area, who argued namelessness, affirmed the weighty presence of men from different security organizations, including troopers, following the killings.

He added that individuals overreacted and fled when they saw the appearance of safety agents from different organizations in Umualumaku.

He said, “Quickly military men showed up locally in Shielded Staff Transporters, everybody started overreacting and took off.

“They came very much stacked with a great deal of outfitted men and arms making a beeline for where the men were set on fire. We even heard a joint group of safety faculty was dispatched; indeed, even those from Umuahia are all additionally there.”

A security employable, who would have rather not been referenced, told one of our journalists that support groups had been shipped off the location of the crime with the goal to capture the suspects and clear the carcasses of the killed security agents.

One more occupant of the area, who just gave his name as Magnus, said he saw the security agents a couple of moments before they were set on fire.

He said the local area had been tossed into disarray following the turn of events.

Likewise, a security usable, who demanded that his name ought not be referenced in light of the fact that he was not approved to talk on the episode, trusted in our reporter that vehicles stacked with of troopers and police officers had been shipped off the local area.

He said that the tops of the security developments in the state were furious with the killing of the security agents having a place with Activity Search and Flush settled by the state government.

He said, “Security agents have been shipped off the local area. The video film of the episode is bloody. As I address you, our men and those of the other sister security specialists have been sent to the local area. First is to protect the bodies of the officials that were killed and look for the suspects.”

A people group source, who basically gave his name as Chidi, affirmed the presence of safety agents locally, saying that individuals of the area had escaped out the feeling of dread toward being captured.

He said the wrongdoing had placed the local area in a mess, adding that security agents had cordoned off the area.

He said, “This is horrendous. Security agents have assumed control over our local area. Drivers are turning around quickly and taking elective courses.”

Another people group source said that he saw the security agents a couple of moments before they were gone after.

“This is awful. I saw them a couple of moments before they were gone after. They drove passed my region just so that us might hear presently that they had been gone after and killed. A few young people went to the scene and affirmed the miserable news,” the source added.

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