Tambedou denies Ferries lacks skills to install new engines

Tambedou denies Ferries lacks skills to install new engines

By Sulayman Waan

Abdoulie Tambedou, the general manager of the Gambia Ferry Services alias Ferries, has denied allegations the ferries’ technical department lacks the technical-know-how to install new engines for ferries.

According to him, technicians are working on the propulsion system for the meantime.

“We can confirm that three out of the six engines ordered have been received about a month ago. Why they have not been installed is because we are working on the propulsion system and the superstructure work that is needed to ensure that the new engines are not damaged,” he told Mamos media in an interview.

He recalled that the Kunta Kinteh Ferry started operations in June 2017 but since then, it has not gone to dry-dock to weld all the damaged parts and repaint the entire ferry.

“Unless we do that and repair the propulsion system the damages will be posed in the new engines.” he said.

According to our source in the previous publication, propulsion systems and steering equipment that are needed in installation of the engine are not available because the technicians lack the knowledge to order them from manufacturing companies.

However, Mr. Tambedou said that allegation is not correct. He said the delay is not due to lack of skills. “It is due to the lack of suitable shipyard to bring the ferry up and do the haul work, super structure work and installation of the ferry.  That is why we have even ordered airbags from Dakar which would be brought to Banjul by next week so that the Kunta Kinteh Ferry would be brought up.”

Our source in the previous publication informed that the engines have not been installed because parts; such as propellers and steering electrical that are needed in the installation of the ferries’ engines are not available.

Reacting to that Tambedou said: “As we are speaking, some of the propellers we ordered are around and others are not around. But due to the situation of the ferries, management does not want to delay waiting on the propellers and other equipment. Most of them have arrived and have been installed in the ferries”

Mamos media  has been informed that both Kunta Kinteh and Kanilai Ferries are operating on two engines which are critical to the safety of passengers.

However, Tambedou said only engineers can confirm the number of engines installed on every ferry but assured that the ferries’ management is highly concerned about the wellbeing of passengers.

“Anytime a particular ferry is unsafe for passengers, management will not deploy it at sea.”

“It is the responsibility of management to ensure passengers cross safely,” he said.


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