Sudan: Due to the failure of the Sudan ceasefire, thousands flee Khartoum

Sudan: Due to the failure of the Sudan ceasefire, thousands flee Khartoum

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, MAMOS Nigeria

As fighting continued throughout Khartoum for a fifth day, thousands of residents fled the city, and numerous nations began making preparations to evacuate their citizens from Sudan.

Many residents of the capital were uneasy after unsuccessful attempts to reestablish a ceasefire between the army and paramilitary forces that had been mediated by the United States on Tuesday. The capital saw some of the bloodiest clashes ever witnessed as rival factions fought for control of the airport, defense headquarters, and other important strategic locations.

The US embassy in Khartoum stated that “due to the uncertain security situation in Khartoum and closure of the airport, there are no plans for [a] US government-coordinated evacuation” at this time. Germany and Japan are said to be planning the evacuation of their citizens.

The Guardian obtained internal UN documents that describe a “nightmare scenario” that appears to have caught the organization off guard. A security report says that looting and a series of attacks on UN staff, mostly by Rapid Support Forces (RSF) members, have taken place in Khartoum and elsewhere. However, the report says that as long as Sudanese airports are not working, it is impossible to evacuate immediately. The chance of a clearing by street – an activity full of risk – is being thought of.

Senior UN administration have told staff in the most risky areas that they should arrive at their own conclusions about how to stay protected, inciting outrage. A few UN and other guide laborers have been designated with sexual savagery, authorities said.

The RSF, led by Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, also known as Hemedti, who is the deputy head of the council, and army units that are loyal to Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, the head of Sudan’s transitional governing sovereign council, have been at odds during the fighting. A transition to civilian rule has been derailed by their power struggle, which has stoked fears of a prolonged, bloody civil war.

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