State calls 2nd witness in alleged PIU shooting case

State calls 2nd witness in alleged PIU shooting case

The case involving alleged killer of two Police Intervention Unit (PIU) officers was yesterday presided over by Justice E. Jaiteh of Banjul High Court as second witness gave his evidence in chief.

In his evidence, the second witness, Bakary Jarju, said he was a soldier attached to the Gambia Armed Forces Training School, adding that when the incident happened, he was with his friends.

He added that the shooter was a tall guy, slim, and was wearing a ‘kaftan’ and covered shoes. However, he said he could not recall the colour of his outfit or his skin colour.

“How I was unable to know all that is because the scene happened around 9 p.m. and my priority was the weapon the shooter was having,” PW2 told the court. 

PW2 further told the court that when they got to Sukuta Traffic Lights, the three police officers were seated and one of them was holding an AK47. He adduced that he heard a gunshot and immediately filtered his eyes on the direction it happened and he saw the guy with the AK47 in harm’s way.

He added that he saw the shooter was struggling to take the AK47. He said he saw the shooter wanted to take the AK47 because he was scrambling with one of the police officers and he shot him. That is the time I said to myself, “this is not normal.”

“It was the two police officers he shot in that instant and took a few steps away and shot the female police officer.”

In his evidence, he added that after the shooter fired another shot, he ran and turned on the right side in Sukuta and that was the time they started chasing him.  

“We chased him for some meters and he fired again,” he said, adding he did not know who he (accused) fired at. “We continued pursuing him. He fired again and turned. That moment, I told my guy (PW1) to take over,” he said.

He added that they continued pursuing him until the shooter got into an incomplete building which was bushy. He said he asked his boy, (PW1) for them to go and follow the accused inside that building but they decided not to go because they were not armed.

“I told him if we entered there it could be dangerous because we are not armed. Thirdly I told him the area is dark and we don’t know the shooters location,” he added.

The case was adjourned until 6 November 2023 for examination in chief of PW2.

Source: The Point 

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