Some feared death when hoodlums attacked Anambra community

Some feared death when hoodlums attacked Anambra community

By Zuleihat Owuiye, Mamos Nigeria

Suspected gangs of thugs attacked residents of Iyi Owa Odekpe community in Ogbaru Local Government Area of ​​Anambra State on Tuesday morning.

They are said to have destroyed vehicles parked on the road and torched some vehicles and buildings, injuring everyone they encountered on the road.

Similarly, it is feared that the homeowner, who is an as-yet-unidentified person, was killed, and a number of people in the community reportedly suffered gunshot wounds after being attacked and shot by as-yet-unidentified thugs. ing.

While taking journalists around the area on Tuesday, the newly elected Chairman of the I Owa Odekpe Landowners Association, Sunday Obinze, said the crisis started due to electoral disputes in the area. Ta.

Obinze said: The problem began when the non-Indigenous landowners’ association in the area wanted to hold an election to elect someone to manage the affairs of the area’s landowners association, but this election was not compatible with the indigenous peoples. It wasn’t good.

“To strengthen community leadership, indigenous peoples sponsored their own candidates and held elections on Sunday ahead of the general election scheduled for the following day (Monday).

“On Monday When elections were being held at the Creative Model School, gangs invaded the crime scene and disrupted the proceedings.But the landlords insisted on holding the elections and went to another location, where the elections were successfully held.

“Frustrated with the success of the election that produced me as chairman of the landowners association, thugs, the youths of Ogbaru, went on a rampage this morning (Tuesday), destroying vehicles and buildings. , destroyed stores,” including those who won the election.

“They raided the area at around 7:30am today, broke into my house, set my car on fire, smashed the windows and doors of the building, and destroyed the workers’ baggage that I had kept. 3.5 million naira was collected.”

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“One person was almost killed and over 15 others were injured in various degrees.

The newly elected Secretary General of the Association, Okolie Chukwunonso He also claimed to have broken into a medical store run by some youths and made off with N4m meant for a PoS store. Among other things, his power tools and consumables were carted away from his store.
Chief Uchenna Ike, a businessman who was also elected vice-chairman of the association, accused General Iiowa Odekpe and the monarch of being behind the attack by the hoodlums. He said five vehicles belonging to the industry were destroyed, including the vehicle.

“They collected 1.5 million naira from my house and entered by breaking doors, windows and other items. Dozens of people have been injured and I request Governor Chukwuma Soludo to come to my rescue.” he added.

However, the accused Iowa Odekpe Municipality President, Mr. Innocent Nwanosike, immediately said on the phone that he had heard about the disruption and damage to the community.

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