Soil Solution officials meet VP Jallow

Soil Solution officials meet VP Jallow

By Sulayman Waan

Officials of The Soil Solution, a local non-governmental organisation recently visited the Vice President of the Republic of The Gambia Muhammed S.B. Jallow at State House in Banjul.

 The executive director of The Soil Solution was accompanied by board chair for TSS, head of operations, finance officer and an independent media partner. The meeting aimed to introduce the organisation’s new project dubbed “Pan African Project” to the Gambia government.

The Pan African Project also called Africa Soil Strength Programme aims at improving the soil quality in Africa with a focus on developing sustainable solutions through research, education and community engagement to address the challenges farmers face due to poor soil health.

 The project is also meant to promote the use of organic farming practices, reduce the use of unmeasured and unspecified harmful chemicals, and increase crop yields, contribute towards food security and poverty reduction as well as biodiversity loss in the region.

Ebrima Jarra, executive director of TSS in his remarks commended the Office of the Vice President for giving his organisation the opportunity to introduce the project to the government.

He informed Vice President Jallow that The Soil Solution initiated the project to support farmers in The Gambia and Africa at large, noting “through this programme, farmers are provided with resources and training on various sustainable land use modules to improve their soil quality, which in turn leads to increased crop yields and better food security.”

Therefore, he said TSS deems it necessary to introduce the project to VP Jallow as well as solicit support from the government in the implementation of the project to enhance farming in The Gambia and beyond.

 Jarra further said that that the Gambian soil has been severely degraded; thus affecting crop production and productivity in the country. To that end, he said TSS aims to educate the public on soil health and provide training for farmers to ensure sustainable soil management.

On achievements of TSS, he noted that in 2023, the organisation successfully implemented soil health research projects using oyster industrial waste within the West Coast and North Bank Regions. He added that recently the organisation concluded a week-long sensitisation programme called Week of Soil.

Abdou Rahman Jobe, board chair for TSS said: “We came here to introduce the project to the executive and also seek support from the government to ensure smooth implementation of the project.”

Jobe also director of Soil and Water Management at the Department of Water and Soil Management further informed VP Jallow that TSS is committed to complementing government efforts in sensitising the masses on soil health.

Muhammed B.S. Jallow, vice president of the Republic of The Gambia expressed delight at the project and the existence of such an NGO in The Gambia. He assured them of government’s support to ensure the smooth implementation of the Pan African Project.

“This is a very good project because crop yield has been getting lower; therefore, the government will do its best to support your project,” he assured.


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