SMF Sarl-Mali director urges gov’t to deepen bilateral relations with Mali

SMF Sarl-Mali director urges gov’t to deepen bilateral relations with Mali

By Sulayman Waan

Amadou M. Jallow, the managing director of SMF Sarl-Mali Ltd. has called on the governments of The Gambia and Mali to deepen their bilateral relations to protect the interests of gold miners.

SMF Sarl- Mali is a Gambian company that specialises in natural mineral resources such as the dealing in gold, diamond and copper among others.

The company purchases minerals and exports them to Asia, according to its managing director. However, the company has Malian shareholders, he added.

Speaking to The Point recently, the Gambian gold dealer said: “I urge The Gambia government and Malian government to strengthen their bilateral relations to protect gold miners from exploitation by the West.”

“I have realised that the people of Mali are not benefiting from their natural mineral resources as expected because they are being exploited by the West. Therefore, as a business partner to some Malian gold dealers, I have to speak about such disheartening exploitation.”

He observed that several Malians could have been richer in the mining industry but they are still facing outright poverty due to the exploitation.

He alleged that the British and United Arab Emirate (UAE), particularly, Dubai gold dealers, are buying the gold raw material from Mali at a very low price, adding that’s against the interest of the government of Mali and local miners.

MD Jallow asserted that the Gambian mineral company is fully ready to purchase raw material from Malian miners at a worthwhile price in order to uplift Mali her people from poverty.

He further stated that for the Malians to realise how lucrative gold is, the government has to establish a gold processing plant. He added that such initiative will boost the country’s economy, improve the financial strength of miners and employ more people.

“Exporting gold raw material to Europe and Asia will not help Mali,” he argued.

However, he said his company is also willing to work with the Malian authorities and miners to develop the mining industry by bringing solutions for the blatant exploitation they encounter.

“I want the Malian government and miners to end this exploitation and consider SMF Sarl-Mali and The Gambia as the only solution to their problems,” he expressed.

Jallow assured that if his company is empowered to work with the government of Mali and miners, it would regulate the gold market as well as put requirements on products to ensure the interest of miners is fully considered.

“I urge gold suppliers in Mali to directly work with us because we are committed to empower the gold mining industry and help to boost the Malian economy,” he said.

He argued that despite the exploitation, the Dubai authorities denied Malians free entry to their country. “If Malians want to travel to Dubai, they have to process visas. This is not fair. Mali should have a free visa to Dubai,” he further argued. 


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