By Tony Bee Australia

I have read many different postings in the social media, newspapers, listened to Mr Gbassa kamaranthe APC Northern Region reporter, audio clips and watched video clips of various commentaries,especially about the return of former President Koroma’s government security personnel. However, I must firstly say thanks to President Maada Bio and his SLPP government for retuning thegovernment securities to former President Koroma. It is a good step for the New Direction. I willalso like to tell the SLPP government thanks for the alleged payment of former president Koromaend of service benefit and also with his senior officials, including ministers, ambassadors etc.Although according to my Radar, away from Australia, there is an evil plan underneath against theAPC officials for the payment of such benefits, particularly in connection with the never end ongoing world commissions of inquiry in the country. But it is a norm that when someone does goodthing, thanks and praise worth giving to him or her. Therefore, the APC as a party, does not believein negative criticism always like the SLPP that have no iota of praise for the good work of the APC.As a result of the SLPP negativity against the APC, that has made the ever stop growing support ofthe APC party by the people of Sierra Leone, especially the grass-roots that have the votes in theirhands because they do appreciate the good work of the APC in the country.However, my concerns about the returning of the security personnel to former President Koromainvolved many questions: how genuine and honest are these securities, especially the new ones thatbeen added to the old securities of former President Koroma? Are they not secret informationagents for SLPP? That is to say are they not been assigned to EBK to monitor his movement andsecretly passing on information to their masters that sent them there? Therefore, are these securitiesnot been polluted with dishonesty, inhumane attitude and brutal behaviour by their gods againstformer President Koroma?Former President Koroma please beware. Always watch your shoulder. It’s an open secret thatPresident Bio and his SLPP government are afraid of you because of your popularity. You are acrowed puller. Look what took place at Lumely when you visited the APC offices at brook fields.Because of such popularity, the SLPP hate to see you around. “Mind you white teeth black heart.Therefore, watch and pray”. Human beings are like a weather, they are quick to change. Recently Imade to understand that your younger brother, What a Man, the SLPP government was about toarrest him. If it’s true, is that not a signal to you that you should beware of yourself? SLPP is callingfor a dialogue with you but at the same time they are chasing your brother to arrest him. Is that notan irony? Only time will tell. Let no one totally trust these guys. “Security leads to conspiracy.” sonor foget yusef.I decided to ask such questions above because of passed experience. The fact is, it is very difficultfor some of us to quickly forget things. In view of that let us draw our minds to the withdrawer ofthe security personnel from the 2018 APC flag bearer, Dr Samura Kamara. According to my radar,one of the securities was a cook, while the other was a bodyguard to Dr. Samura. He, Dr. SamuraKamara did not know that the so-called securities were spy that been assigned to him according toinformation to monitor the innocent gentleman activities and pass on information secretly to theirgods about Dr Samura. I ask again, is that not a similar situation former President Koroma findshimself? Time will tell.With current development within the SLPP party and government, that will tell you that PresidentBio is too unreliable and his SLPP government is too deceitful. What they say and what they do isquite different. Their manifesto will testify that. And also if President Bio was able to sack Dr PinceHarding, the man who they allegedly said to be the corner stone of him, Maada Bio to become whathe is today. Who do you think Maada Bio cannot do the wares thing/s in order to stay in power for

  • long?X-president koroma, please don’t be complacent, particularly in terms of your security and safetyissues. There is no spare life. Therefore, I suggest that you should still maintain your personalcivilian securities together with the replaced ones for tomorrow. Therefore, Makeni men andwomen, be still, be alert and firm to protect former president Koroma and Makeni town as a whole.In as much all of us need peace and development in the country, we should also prepare forunforeseen events or unexpected happenings around us. Don’t trust human being hundred percent,especially with the current political brutality, intimidation and harassment in the country. Peaceloving Sierra Leoneans wake up from your slumber. The Rapid News and Information Hunter, Irest my case to God.

Source Cocorioko.

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