Senegal’s opposition leader Malick Gackou eliminated from February 24 Presidential Election

The leader of the opposition party dubbed “Grand Parti, suxxali Senegal”, Elhadji Malick Gackou has been eliminated from the race to the Senegalese Presidential Palace scheduled for February 24, 2019.
Gackou was unable to secure the required 65, 000 signatures from electorates before one can contest the presidential election. He announced his elimination by the Constitutional Council on Tuesday, Januray 8, 2019.
According to one of Senegal’s leading website Seneweb, Gackou said: “I regret to announce, after the audits of the Council, that I have been awarded 52911 signatures . That is below the 65,000 required”.
Malick Gackou also thanked all those who supported him in this course, noting that he is sort of 8888 signatures to regularize.

Party Background
Malick Gackou, a former mayor of Guediawaye, formed his own political party sometime in May 2015.
Gackou, whose party is called “Grand Parti, suxxali Senegal”, is also a former minister of Sports and also Trade, but was earlier dismissed from his previous party, the Alliance of Progressive Forces (AFP), alongside 10 others, by the party leader Moustapha Niasse, who is presently serving as speaker of the Senegalese National Assembly.
He decided to form his own party following his dismissal.
Written by Mamos Tv.

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