Senegal: President Macky Sall Declares State Of Emergency

Mamos Media

The Senegalese President, Macky Sall, has today declared a ‘State of Emergency’ after the country is hit with a deadly Coronavirus that registered 79 cases.

According to the televised broadcast of President Sall, the State of Emergency starts at midnight tonight. There will be curfew from 08pm to 06am. The Inter-regional travel is now restricted and may be banned completely if needed.

All public gatherings or manifestations of any kind including public meetings and gathering places are banned and closed respectively. There is also embargo on private gatherings that could lead to disorder.

President Sall talked about the mobilisation of the military and police forces to enforced regulations and flow of traffic and goods at certain areas and times. He warns against price hiking of commodities in this difficult time. He also talked about allocating funds for food aid for families in need and ensuring the importation of necessary medical supplies.

Sall, made mentioned of assistance for sectors most affected, such as hotels, restaurants, transport and culture.

He highlighted 71 current cases in 4 neighborhoods of Dakar, Mbao, Yembeul, Guediewaye, Mbour, Rufisque, Touba, Thies, Popenguine, St Louis and Ziguinchor. He added that 1561 contacts are being followed and will be housed by the Ministry of Health for confinement.

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