Row at GYCC as board accuses NYC, NEDI of covering corruption scandals

Row at GYCC as board accuses NYC, NEDI of covering corruption scandals

By SulaymanWaan

The Board of The Gambia Youth Chamber of Commerce (GYCC) has accused the National Youth Council (NYC) and the National Enterprise Development Initiative (NEDI) of covering D4.4 million corruption scandals allegedly involving the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of GYCC.

“It is of great concern and dismay that a series misunderstanding has emerged between GYCC and the NYC, which has been promulgated by the actions of the board in taking disciplinary steps against the CEO of GYCC, for been involved in unclassified expenses of about D2 Millions Dalasi, and loss of revenue to the Chamber worth about D2.4 Million (a total sum of D4.4 Million),” Ismaila Sambou, Chairperson of GYCC Board said in a statement shared with this medium.

“The first step was taken by the board in putting the CEO under suspension for onward investigations but the CEO refused to cooperate with the investigation process and got involved with NYC, wherein we were invited for a voluntary meeting. Pleadings were made for the cancellation of the suspension by the board despite the presentation of all the allegations made against, and recommendations made for the CEO to follow suit, the statement reveals.

“However, the CEO refuses to cooperate with any of the recommendations and further engaged the management in partnership contracts without the prior review and approval by the board despite being issued several warnings for a period of over six (6) months.”

Meanwhile, a letter dated 26th July 2023, and addressed to the chair of GYCC Board, Alhagie Jarju who is the executive director of NYC, in response to this saga, states: “It is unfortunate though that over the past months we have had several crises that are derailing the achievements made thus far. The Council together with other partners have in several meetings attempted to mediate and resolve the matter amicably to no avail.

“Please be informed therefore that the NYC after due process in accordance with the NYC Act 2000 has suspended the Board of the Gambia Youth Chamber of Commerce with immediate effect. By this same communication, you are asked to surrender all properties of the institution in your possession to the Executive Director of the NYC with immediate effect.”

However, the board chair of GYCC, Sambou advised all to ignore the letter issued by NYC, noting the Council is wrongfully informing the public that the board of the chamber has been suspended.  

“The unfortunate actions of the NYC were meant to protect the CEO, who was recently found wanting of fraud, official misconduct, non-financial compliance transactions, among other scrupulous behaviours. These revelations are confirmed by the recently concluded Audit Reports of 2017 to 2023 of the Chamber, Financial Reviews, and Documents in possession of the board.”

 He assured that the Board would utilise all possible options to ensure proper accountability, transparency, good governance, and a proper remedy of our internal issues.

“Therefore members of the Chamber and the public are advised to remain steadfast in the spirit of private sector development,” he said.


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