Rawdatul Majalish Calls For A Fairplay In Amadou Sillah Case

Mamos Media

By Ousman A Marong

Rawdatul Majalis, a new parallel Islamic Council believed to have succeeded the Supreme Islamic Council (SIC) has called on the Government of President Adama Barrow to observe fair play in Amadou Sillah versus Imam Fatty saga.

Speaking to reporters earlier today at a press conference held at the Secretariat in Tabokoto, Baba Abubacarr Drammeh, President of Rawdatul Majalish, said the Gambian authorities should handle the case with fairness.

It could be recall that the recent deadlock between Supreme Islamic Council (SIC) and ‘Rawdatul Majalis’ (RM) who have unsettled differences, especially the sighting of moon and observance of eid prayers amongst others.

Rawdatul Majalish, the new subsidiary body to the Supreme Islamic Council (SIC) has appealed to the government to do all its takes to observe fairness in handling the case between Amadou Sillah and Imam Andoulie Fatty.

“The government of President Adama Barrow has flouted their own mandate in the mediation between ‘Rawdatul Majalis’ and SIC. They could have address the matter since at the beginning when Alieu Fatty insulted Sheikh Sheriff Muhammad Sanusi Nano Hydara. We expect the powers that bee to prosecute Alieu Fatty for his wrongful doings;” said Baba Abubakarr Drammeh president ‘Rawdatul Majalis’.

Majalish President Drammeh recounted the arrest of Amadou Sillah at Jarra Sutukung and taken to Mansakonko Police Station for questioning where he was later transferred to the Kairaba Police Station.

 “The police has questioned his reason of insulting Imam Abdoulie Fatty on telephone. He (Amadou Sillah) told the police that the insult has emanated from Imam Fatty himself. Imam Fatty was the one who first insulted our elder in Islam and I was left with no other option than to retaliate;” he remarked.

Drammeh said ‘Rawdatul Majalis’ is not a violent body, adding that it was created to propagate Islam and the maintenance of peace and unity in the country.

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