Quick Update: Snellville, Georgia Police Killing of Momodou Lamin Sisay

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The attorney working on behalf of the family is in touch with the Snellville police, Gwinnett County, and GBI investigators. Both Gwinnett County and GBI are working to establish the facts as to what transpired on that fateful night that Sisay was killed. Several matters being looked into are:
-Did Sisay have a gun as alleged by the police report?
-If he had a gun, did he point it in the direction of the law enforcement officers trying to apprehend him?
-Which bullet killed him?
-Whether use of force was necessary in the first place?
The attorney is also working on securing documents and video footages from Police body cams and car dashboard cameras. The process is on and we are imploring the community to respect the family’s privacy during this difficult period. Do not draw any quick conclusions, nor rely on hearsay. One of the stories making rounds is that Sisay was shot during a protest. This is totally false.
In the meantime, efforts are underway by Alhaji Habib Mbye and others to secure the body for proper burial. Gambian Embassy officials are also on the ground to help.
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Culled from Banka Manneh

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