QGroup conducts Grand Iftar, 4th National Quranic Recitation Competition

QGroup conducts Grand Iftar, 4th National Quranic Recitation Competition

By Sulayman Waan

QGroup, one of Gambian leading business empires, on Saturday held its annual Grand Iftar, fourth edition of National Quranic Recitation Competition, and first National Adhan (Azaan) competition, in grand style.

Q-Group comprises several companies, which include Q-Cell telecommunications company, QuantumNet Institute of Technology (QIT), Arab Gambia Islamic Bank (AGIB), Qodoo Mobile Money, Espace Motors, Q-City, QTV, QRadio, Red Code, and Natural Mineral Water.

The grand occasion held at Q-City, was done in honour of the late Imam Mass Jah. The historic event attracted religious leaders, government ministers, representatives of the Supreme Islamic Council (SIC), students from several madrasas, staff and managements of all the subsidiary companies under Q-Group, and the public.

At least, 307 young Gambians took part in the National Quranic Recitation Competition but 45 participants were fortunate to reach the final stage of the competition.

Part of the occasion was the premier staging of the QGroup-initiated Azaan competition dubbed as 1st National Azaan Competition.   For this competition,173 people applied but 51 participated in it. And out of the 51, only six participants reached the final level.

In the course of the final stages of both competitions, the judges identified a winner and runner-up in every class of the Quranic recitations including full Quran, half Quran and Quarter Quran categories as well as the prayer-calling (Azaan) competition.

Ebrahim Muhammad Hydara, winner of the full Quran category, was awarded D100,000, while the runner-up Mahammad Nfamara Ceesay grabbed D75,000.

Abdul Karim Corr, winner of the half Quran category, was awarded D75,000 and Sohna Matida Famara Minteh, runner-up, was awarded D50,000.

Muhammad Sanusi Amat Jallow won the Quarter Quran competition and was awarded D50,000, while Husainatou Muhammed Baldeh, runner-up, received D25,000.

For the Adhan/Azaan competition, Abdoulie Braham Jobe, the winner, got D20,000, whilst runner-up Mahammad Ousman Jah received D15,000.

Notwithstanding, the other participants were awarded certificates of participation and given some amounts of money, as “there are really no losers” in the competition.

In his remarks on the occasion, Muhammed Jah, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of QGroup, said he was delighted at the smooth implementation of the Islamic annual activity.

He recalled that the event was initiated by the late Imam Mass Jah, his father, who advised him during the launching of QCell to support Gambian religious leaders, especially Imams.

“So, we started with the Qndogu and it was growing until we started the Quranic recitation competition and now we have added the national Azaan competition to the annual event,” he recounted.

 The Gambian business mogul thanked state officials for gracing the occasion and the President Barrow government for its commitment to development.

“Looking at the gathering one can see all the government representatives. This shows that the Gambia Government has special respect and honour for the Islamic religion and humanity,” Mr Jah said.

He further thanked the Supreme Islamic Council for their support to QGroup throughout the event and for their cordial relationship with the company.

“I also thank the QGroup family for their hard work because they organized everything in this event,” he emphasised.

“Our ultimate goal is to provide the needed services to the public and also to deliver our corporate social responsibility to the public,” he said.

He also commended customers for their immense support to the various companies or businesses under the QGroup, saying that the group is able to implement the annual activity and other obligations as a result of the patronage and support of customers.

Amat N.K. Bah, minister of Lands, Local Government and Religious Affairs, commended the CEO of QGroup for his support to the Muslim community and the country in general.

“Muhammed, if The Gambia should have ten people of your kind then the country would have advanced to another stage,” he said.

He also said there is a need for the public to have special respect for religious leaders such as imams, justifying that they are very instrumental in leading the public in ceremonial activities including naming, marriages, funerals and among other events.

“People will embark on their works while the imams are busy supporting others on social issues; therefore, we should support them to ensure their well being,” he said.

Sheikh Foday Darboe, president of the Supreme Islamic Council, commended QGroup for organizing such an important religious activity.

He prayed that the almighty Allah bestow his blessings on all those who contributed to the smooth implementation of the annual activity. “I equally thank those who spent all their lives supporting Islamic teachers and imams. May Allah reward you all,” he said.

He further acknowledged Islamic teachers and religious leaders for their stance on Islamic teaching in the society, describing The Gambia as a great country in promoting Islamic and the worship of God.

Darboe calls on all to support the QGroup CEO, saying: “Everyone knows his efforts for the Islamic religion in The Gambia. He is supporting needy Muslims, and empowering the religion. Currently, the whole world knows the good thing we are doing through his television. This is a promotion for our religion (Islam). Therefore, let’s support him and his companies. “


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