PW2 confirms alleged PIU shooter shot six times

PW2 confirms alleged PIU shooter shot six times

The second prosecuting witness in the alleged PIU shooter case yesterday confirmed that he heard the sound of a pistol six times during the incident at Sukuta-Jabang Traffic Lights.

In his examination in chief before Justice Jaiteh of the Banjul High Court, Bakary Jarju said that during the hit of the act, it was difficult to count under pressure, adding that he counted and heard six gunshots.

He explained that the first shot was discharged and hit the police officer with the AK47, the second shot was fired at the other officer who was scrambling with the shooter, the third shot targeted the female officer, and the fourth one was fired at the roundabout. He said the shooter immediately bent to the right, meters away he turned and fired another shot while on the run.

PW2 further explained that he could not see the shooter clearly because they were behind and chasing him. He, however, described the shooter as a tall, slim man and was wearing ‘kaftan’.

In his examination in chief, L.J. Darboe, defence counsel for the first accused person, asked PW2: “As a military officer, was it your function to collect evidence to crime scenes?”

Jarju indicated that it was his function to gather evidence at crime scenes as military personnel. He took an oath to protect lives and properties of people, and protect the territorial integrity of this country, he said.

After the scene, he explained, he found an empty case of pistol which he eventually handed over to his friend Omar Jallow for confirmation and finally handed it to Inspector Bah, after he was made to understand that Mr Bah was a police officer at the Anti-Crime Unit.

The case was adjourned until 13 November 2023 for continuation of examination in chief of PW2.

Source: The Point

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