Prosecutors complain lack of vehicle to transport inmates

Prosecutors complain lack of vehicle to transport inmates

Police prosecutors have disclosed that they have been struggling to transport inmates from particularly the Mile ll Central Prison to courts.

They complained that the lack of vehicles had also led to the striking of many cases from court due to numerous adjournments. Several state ‘Inspector General of Police (IGP) vs…’ cases have been struck out by the magistrate courts due to failure to transport remand prisoners to and from courts.

“This has been happening repeatedly and as a result, justice is not usually served to the victims of crime,” some prosecutors said.
They urged the Ministry of Interior and the IGP to remedy the situation to ensure diligent prosecution and for justice to be served, adding that the authorities should provide multiple vehicles to ensure remand prisoners are always available in court when needed.
“We definitely need a vehicle because we can neither pay our fares to come to court nor to pay fares to take prisoners to court,” they said.
Meanwhile, two senior prosecuting officers disclosed yesterday that the IGP had provided two vans to ease the job of the prosecutors – one of the vans will be used by the Brikama Police Station and the other by Bundung and Serekunda Police Stations.

However, many concerned citizens who spoke to The Point said they are baffled by how just two vans can sustain or efficiently serve three stations.

Source: The Point

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