President Barrow’s Peace Prize to be celebrated Sunday

President Barrow’s Peace Prize to be celebrated Sunday

Members of the government, NPP supporters and people from the regions in the country are expected to hold a mass meeting this Sunday at the Tallinding ‘Buffer Zone’ Recreational Park to celebrate the international peace prize awarded to President Adama Barrow last month.

The Select Committee of the African Conference for Promoting Peace based in Mauritania in association with the Abu Dhabi Peace Forum in the United Arab Emirates on 29th December 2023 announced that the Gambian head of state won the African Prize For Promoting Peace 2024. The prize was formally presented to President Barrow on 9 January 2024 in Nouakchott, Mauritania.

“This Sunday, 25 February 2024 the National People’s Party will celebrate the award in grand style at the Buffer Zone,” disclosed Seedy Njie, deputy speaker of the National Assembly and deputy spokesman of the NPP.

Asked why the need for the “grand celebration”, Mr Njie said: “This is a huge achievement and recognition not just for President Barrow but for the government and the whole country. Indeed, peace and fostering of peace, is second nature to the person of President Barrow, and has been the hallmark of his rule in The Gambia from January 2017 to date. 

“Through his tireless efforts, boundless empathy, and unyielding commitment to fostering peace and unity, President Barrow has woven a legacy that transcends borders. So in celebrating this remarkable award, we not only acknowledge President Barrow’s undiluted contributions but also embrace the enduring spirit of unity he has so brilliantly exemplified during these seven years of his presidency.

“This recognition of His Excellency, President Adama Barrow as the distinguished recipient of the African Prize for Promoting Peace, is a stainless testament to his stellar efforts in cultivating the flourishing seeds of harmony and tranquility within The Gambia, in the sub-region and beyond. Evidently, President Barrow is an iconic son of The Gambia and of Africa who stands out as a beacon of hope and an enigmatic catalyst for peace and positive change for humanity. “

Source: The Standard

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