President Barrow donates US$5000 to Senegalo-Gambia Network of Women Entrepreneurs

By Ousman A. Marong, Just back from Kaolack, Senegal

The president of the Republic of The Gambia, HE Adama Borrow, Saturday donated US$5000 to the Senegalo-Gambia Network of Women Entrepreneurs.
The gesture was delivered to the Senegambian women entrepreneurs network by the Speaker of the Gambia’s National Assembly, Hon. Mariama Jack-Denton, at the ongoing Senegalo-Gambia Network Trade Fair for women entrepreneurs in the Senegalese commercial town of Kaolack in Saloum.

The Speaker of the Gambia’s National Assembly, who represented President Barrow at the occasion, said that the two countries (The Gambia and Senegal) have agreed to reactivate the Joint-Experts Committee to examine the various feasibility studies already undertaken, and redefine the modalities and conditions of the selection of Technical and Financial partners for the Women’s Network. She further revealed that the two leaders of the two countries had also engaged each other in areas of cooperation such as agriculture, in order to curb the smuggling of agro-chemicals such as fertilizer across the borders of both countries.
“The two presidents agreed to to put measures in place in order to stop the illegal movement of agro-chemicals from the two countries,” she disclosed.
The ceremony ended with a presentation of certificates to 100 participants from Gambia and Senegal, who have undergone a day-long training conducted by Fatoumatta Jawara-Dukureh, president of Maa Foundation for Women (MFW).

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