President Barrow approves D396 million for purchase of 25,000 tonnes of groundnut at Seccos

The National Food Security Corporation (formerly GGC) will be receiving some D396 million through the Central Bank of The Gambia for the immediate purchase of groundnuts from farmers.
According to Govt Spox, This is sufficient to cover all outstanding payments and buy the rest of the nuts waiting in queues in local “seccos” across the countryside.
This year alone, the NFSC is financing 73 Cooperative Societies and there are 23 self-financed traders in the groundnut trade.
The total tonnage received in our depots as at 7th February 2019 is 25,250 Meteric tons and the projected tonnage to be purchased this year is some 35,000 metric tons.
The cash disbursed to “Seccos” as at 7th February 2019 stands at D250million.

Written by Sanna Camara, Media Officer, State House 

Source: Culled from Facebook.

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