Police suspect Liberian lady was poisoned to death

Police suspect Liberian lady was poisoned to death

The Liberian lady whose dead body was found on Sunday 21 January 2024 is suspected to have been poisoned through food, police say on Monday.

Speaking to The Point, Binta Njie, the police spokesperson said the deceased is identified as Chantral Johnson.

She was briefly found foaming after eating food prepared by her suspected murderer.

“From what we have gathered, Chantral ate food prepared by her suspected murderer. She then proceeded to have a conversation with a white guy over the phone outside the house, and she was shortly found on the ground with foams coming out of her mouth where she was pronounced dead,” she explained.

She further narrated that the deceased lived with seven other ladies in an incomplete building at Kerr Serign which is owned by a Bajulian lady who she said was unaware of their living in that building.

The police spokeswoman further stated that the other ladies are all from different countries such as Guinea, Nigeria and Liberia among others.

“The food derived from the deceased is undergoing examination to ascertain the actual cause of death.”

She also said that all seven of them are under police custody for investigation.

She added that they are making efforts to reach out to the family of the deceased in Liberia.

Source: The Point

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