Police capture man endeavoring to break into Lagos bank

Police capture man endeavoring to break into Lagos bank

By Zuleihat Owuiye, Mamos Nigeria

Azeez Isa, 43, of Oko Oba, Lagos State, has been arrested for attempting to rob a new generation bank next to the Maplewood Estate.

suspect completed the demonstration in the early long periods of Monday.

As indicated by a police source, Isa was gotten with a demolition hammer which he used to stir things up around town entryway of the bank while attempting to acquire passage.

The source who talked on state of obscurity said, “The safety officers joined to the bank heard the sound of somebody hitting an item promptly in the first part of the day.

“They followed the sound and found a man utilizing a demo hammer to stir things up around town entryway. He kept repeatedly hitting the door without thinking about the possibility that the sound might draw attention from nearby people.

The security guards, according to the police source, were initially terrified because they did not know who else was with him during the operation.

The state Police Advertising Official, Benjamin Hundeyin, affirmed the occurrence.

“We got the pain call around 4.20 am and our watch group answered quickly. The man was captured while as yet breaking the entryway. He stated, “He is currently being interrogated and is in police custody.”

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