Peter Tosh: Rest in Power

By Alagie Yorro Jallow

On this day 11th September 1987 Peter Tosh, arguably the best reggae musician and revolutionary was killed in a violent home robbery in Jamaica, but his music characterized by his lyrical genius and the struggle against injustice continues to uplift and inspire many fighting against injustice today.

Keep shining Peter Tosh.

Tosh formed the Wailers with Bob Marley and Barney Wailer, but they split in the early seventies after Tosh and Barney complained that their producer favored Bob Marley.

He produced the successful Bob Marley as a solo artist leaving Peter Tosh and Barney Wailer on their own.

Of the three he was the revolutionary, the lyrical genius, a wordsmith and great vocalist. He was the first songwriter to openly castigate corruption in Jamaica, apartheid in South Africa, sung against nuclear warfare and criminalization of weed.

In 2016 the Jamaican government finally honored Peter Tosh with the highest award, an intellectual symposium about his music and by establishing a museum in Kingston to honor Peter Tosh where his famous M16 shaped guitar and unicycle are exhibited.

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