OPINION; Building The New Gambia Fabakary Tombong Jatta Must Face Prosecution

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By Madi Jobarteh

By the revelations of the Janneh Commission it is vividly clear that APRC NAMs led by Fabakary Tombong Jatta have woefully failed in their legal duties to protect the supreme interests of the nation. Yet Fabakary is seeking to cleanse and legitimize himself by speaking about the good of Yaya Jammeh. Fabakary is taking cover under the wave of democracy currently being spread all over The Gambia to hide his criminal complicity in the corruption and atrocities of Yaya Jammeh.

Fabakary must know that the democracy he enjoys today was denied to Gambians by himself and Yaya Jammeh. It was the masses of Gambians who brought about this democracy against the wishes of Yaya Jammeh and Fabakary. If he had stood up for the good of The Gambia we would not have had hundreds of our citizens die and suffer in search of democracy which was seized by him and Yaya Jammeh.

Yaya Jammeh killed numerous Gambian women and children and men. Yaya Jammeh violated The Gambia Constitution uncountable times. Yaya Jammeh damaged the rights of Gambians with impunity. Yaya Jammeh diverted public funds to his selfish interests in broad daylight. Yaya Jammeh interfered with state institutions and disregarded the rule of law as he liked. Yaya Jammeh ridiculed the name of The Gambia before the whole world, making us a laughing stock. Yaya Jammeh not only denied the verdict of the people but went ahead to trample upon it thanks to Fabakary Tombong Jatta and APRC parliamentarians.

Since 1997 APRC as a party and with its majority in the parliament gave total support and provided cover up and defended and justified all the acts of corruption, abuse of office and atrocities of Yaya Jammeh. They knew that the actions of Yaya Jammeh violated the Gambian constitution and all norms of human rights and good governance yet they aided and abetted the Despot.

At great cost to the lives and future of Gambians the country succeeded to free itself from the clutches of dictatorship perpetrated by the APRC. Yet until today Fabakary Tombong Jatta and few others continue to tout APRC on Gambians as if that party ever represented any good for The Gambia.

How can Fabakary claim that he stands for the good of The Gambia when he never stood up to call for an end to human rights violations of the APRC regime? Fabakary said Yaya Jammeh has done well for The Gambia when he has seen how indebted and poor and wretched this country is today! If Nawec is in a terrible situation today is that not the work of Yaya Jammeh and APRC?

Yet Fabakary does not only maintain APRC but he is even celebrating Yaya Jammeh as a member! Can Fabakary tell the mothers of murdered school children that Yaya Jammeh was not responsible and tell them who was responsible for the murder of their children? Can Fabakary tell those mothers what he, Fabakary did when those children where massacred to make sure justice prevailed?

How can Fabakary tell Gambians and the world that the unconstitutional declaration of the state of emergency on 17 January 2017 was legal? On what legal basis can anyone defend the December 9 2016 decision of Yaya Jammeh to reject the election results, much more defend the state of emergency?

Is it that Fabakary does not care about his own country even if he does not care about his own conscience and reputation? How can any adult Gambian defend APRC and Yaya Jammeh in the wake of the revelations at the Janneh Commission? Or is it that Fabakary Tombong Jatta wants to provoke Gambians in order to trigger a violent reaction against the APRC so that we can have a civil war in this country? Is it that he is using the invitation by the police as a cover to clean up his image and the dirty profile of his party?

Clearly Fabakary has proved beyond all doubts that indeed there are human beings who lack any grain of worth and are prepared to enslave themselves to their fellow human beings. Fabakary has now proven that he is and has always been a Yaya Jammeh slave! It is now clear that there are citizens who are ready and willing to harm their own nation regardless. Otherwise how can we explain the audacity with which Fabakary denies and ignores the misery inflicted on Gambians by APRC but to celebrate a murderous criminal of unimaginable proportions!

Fabakary can destroy himself but not The Gambia. Fabakary cannot provoke Gambians because we love our country more than him. Let Fabakary ignore his conscience and truth and God but his day of reckoning is nearer than expected!

The revelations at the Janneh Commission prove one incontrovertible fact which is that Fabakary Tombong Jatta and APRC NAMs are guilty of negligence of duties costing huge economic loses to The Gambia. The commission has proven that Fabakary and APRC are complicit in the corruption and mismanagement of public resources. They are complicit in the abuse of power perpetrated by Yaya Jammeh hence Fabakary Tombong Jatta must be prosecuted for failing in his duties.

God Bless The Gambia


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