Ondo’s Amotekun Corps Apprehends 55 Suspected Criminals

Ondo’s Amotekun Corps Apprehends 55 Suspected Criminals

By Zuleihat Owuiye, Mamos Nigeria

The Ondo State Security Network Agency, commonly known as the Amotekun Corps, has apprehended 55 individuals allegedly involved in diverse criminal activities across the state. The suspects, accused of offenses including arson, theft, kidnapping, and robbery, were paraded at the corps headquarters in Akure. The state Commander, Akogun Adetunji Adeleye, highlighted the deployment of 24/7 patrols across all 18 local government areas to ensure a crime-free yuletide season.

Adeleye emphasized the proactive measures taken, including street-by-street patrols in the capital and the posting of uniformed and plainclothes Amotekun personnel. This strategic approach aimed to curb incidents such as shop and house break-ins. The commander also mentioned the deployment near financial institutions to deter potential bank robberies and noted a significant reduction in herders/farmers clashes.

During the briefing, Adeleye disclosed that out of 250 initial arrests, 55 suspects were presented for legal proceedings based on the severity of their alleged crimes. He stressed the importance of the court determining their fitness to rejoin society or be placed in correctional services.

Addressing the broader issue, Adeleye suggested that the government should focus on creating extensive job opportunities, acknowledging the challenging economic situation. He recommended an increase in palliatives, especially for those struggling to meet basic needs.

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