Old Yundum Constituency Executive Disassociates From NAM On Draft Constitution

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The Old Yundum Constituency executive members wishes to disassociate ourselves with the misrepresentation of our constituency NAM in the person of Abdoulie Ceesay at the national assembly for and on our behalf without our consent, on matters of the adjournment debate on the draft constitution.

We were saddened and wish to express our grave concern about the manner in which he misrepresented our views, wishes and aspirations at the national assembly on this very important debate. It is rather unfortunate, unfair and disappointing for our national assembly member to convey the views and wishes of the absolute minorities used to sit at the corner shops and attaya vous, to translated that as the views, wishes amd aspirations of the majority of the electorates in our Constituency.

We would like to put to the attention of the general public that, the absolute majority that voted for Abdoulie Ceesay and the three other Councillors were not consulted neither consented by Abdoulie Ceesay to seek for our wishes and aspirations with regard to the subject matter, the draft constitution. Therefore his pronouncements for and on our behalf is completely false and misleading, and we felt very offended by this unfortunate situation and demanded for an apology from him.

Yes, we might now have different political affiliations with him, but as our elected member of parliament he should not shy away from his responsibility to consult us accordingly and to seek for our honest opinion and wishes on this very important national document. He could have use the consultations as a good opportunity for him to avail himself to dialogue with us for the way forward, since he has now lost our respect and confidence as NAMS.

In the same vein, since he has grossly misrepresented us as a constituent, it is indeed our prerogative to make it categorically cleared to the general public that, the draft constitution is the best wishes and aspirations of the electorates in the Old Yundum Constituency (OYC) and not in the contrary.

I light of the above, any print or electronic media who wish to convey our message is highly approved by the above executive.

Kind regards,

OYC Secretary General
Saibeh LF Manneh

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