Gambia- China Friendship Association inaugurated

Gambia- China Friendship Association inaugurated

By Ousainou J Sawaneh

The Friendship Association of the Gambia and the People’s Republic of China was officially inaugurated on Saturday, 11 November 2023 at the Laybato Hotel Bar and Restaurant at Fajara.

The Association has been formally registered as a non-profit organization, which aims to share the vision of peace, cooperation and understanding.

The officials have stated that one of the primary goals of the association is to establish a cordial cultural and investment relationship between the people of The Gambia and the people’s Republic of China.

Speaking at the event on behalf of The Gambia’s Ambassador at large in South East Asia, AIXINJUELOU YUHAO. Madam Hanna described the event as history as they celebrate strong bonds of friendship and cooperation that unite the brotherly nations, Gambia and China.

Madam Hanna emphasized that the Friendship Association is not merely symbolic, but rather a platform for tangible and mutual benefits.

She further stated that the Association will promote cultural exchanges, educational opportunities and economic collaboration between the two nations.

“We envision a future where our shared values, experience and aspirations lead to a deeper connection, not only between governments but among our people,” she said.

Madam Hanna reiterated that the global challenges they face today, whether they be environmental, political or socio-economic, require international solidarity and collaboration.

She added that by establishing this friendship Association, they are taking a decisive step towards forming a network of cooperation, trust and solidarity that can address these challenges together.

She emphasized the significance of the Association, stating that they have laid the foundation for a long-lasting friendship that will provide a fertile ground for even stronger collaboration. “It is in the spirit of living together as brothers and sisters, transcending borders and shattering the barriers of ignorance that we have assembled here today.” She said .

Morro Krubally, speaking on behalf of the newly inaugurated Friendship Association of The Gambia and The People’s Republic of China, emphasized the importance of the association.

Krubally also expressed his gratitude towards the participants for attending the event.

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