“Nurses Are Not Transmitters Of COVID-19”-Says NAGaNM Spokesman

Mamos Media

By Ousman A Marong

The Spokesman of the National Association of Gambia Nursing and Midwives (NAGaNM), Mr Sanna Darboe, has said that nurses are not the transmitters of the novel coronavirus dubbed the COVID-19 into the country.

“We want the general public to understand that nurses are not the transmitters of the virus. We are trained professionals and have the required knowledge to practice proper infection control measures. Right now what we need is moral and psychological support from the general public,” he retorted.

The NAGaNM Spokesman said what the nurses need in this difficult times is maximum support from the general public and not stigmatisation of any form.

“All we need for now is moral support and not stigmatisation or discrimination against us,” he appealed.

Mr Darboe made these requests recently, during an interview with The Mamos Media. He said the Gambia does not have the adequate number of nurses and therefore it is necessary to preserve the little it has.

The NAGaNM Spokesman further appealed to the general public to appreciate the sacrifice of the nurses, despite the pandemic they are still fighting other endemic diseases like malaria, hypertension, cardiac failure, pneumonia etc. He warned against forcing nurses to quit the profession which could raise the mortality rate in the country.

“There would lot of mortality not only from COVID-19 but from other endemic infectious and noninfectious diseases. Forcing your family member to resign or kicking her out is not the solution that will prevent you from having corona but you are endangering your own life and that of the whole country,” he remarked.

He called on the Government of the Gambia to engage the families of these nurses so that they would stop the discrimination against nurses.

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