In the wake of a huge electoral losses in the urban areas in the mayoral elections members of the governing National People’s Party and their allies are continuing to raise their voices for the party leader President Barrow to take a fresh look at matters with a view to changing them.

Last week former minister Bala Garba Jahumpa of the APRC, listed a litany of issues he said the president should address before a similar election debacle befalls the party in the 2026 election.

Yesterday an NPP stalwart and an unsuccessful aspirant for the party’s ticket in Kanifing mayoral election, Pa Modou Jobe advised President Adama Barrow to start taking steps, no matter how tough, to save the NPP.

Jobe said the outcome of the mayoral and chairpersonship elections was a wake-up call for all NPP members to be alerted to “a lot of sabotage” from the government’s own institutions.

He disclosed that the decision by the Gambia Ports Authority to increase tariffs at the Banjul-Barra ferry service from D25 to D35 and Nawec’s new tariffs for electricity and water have made people angry and frustrated with government and has negatively affected the party’s chances in the elections.

“The lack of a price control mechanism is also another problem. I want to urge you, Mr President, as a brother and your supporter, to try and regulate the commodity prices and the exchange rate. You must also start communicating regularly with the Gambian people especially on issues affecting them,” he advised Barrow.

Jobe said the NPP lost in Banjul, Kanifing and West Coast regions because people believed the president doesn’t talk about the things that affect their day-to-day living conditions.

He further said: “We should start with reforming our security sector and look at the conduct of some of our directors because some of them are not supporting the government of the day or the president.”

Jobe further observed that some NPP militants are “wolves in sheep’s clothing” and the earlier they are removed the better for the party.

“I want you Mr President to open your eyes and listen to what we are telling you because if you are looking for evidence you will never have it. I urge you to reform yourself and take the electric broom and sweep them away just like Jammeh used to do. We expect you to come up with a bombshell by next Friday,” he advised Barrow.

He also advised the president to take a strong measure against tribalism and drug abuse among young people.

Source: The Standard

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