Now it is allowed to have two citizenship in Norway

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The Parliament adopts a legislative amendment on Thursday that will allow both Norwegian and another citizenship. Only the Labor Party and the Center Party are against.

I think this is a joyous day. The law is from 1888. It is ripe for revision and must be adapted to the time we live in, says parliamentary representative Ove Trellevik (H). On Thursday, the parliament is processing and adopting the amendment, which makes it possible to be, for example, Norwegian and American at the same time. Trellevik thinks there are many Norwegians who look forward to this. “There are very many Norwegian citizens who have moved out, but who have strong ties with the country, who have children or parents here. When they move out and get citizenship outside, they automatically lose Norwegian citizenship, he says.

Mister passed the penalty

The Government also proposes, however, that it should be possible to deprive persons who have committed criminal acts to Norwegian citizenship. It can only be done if the person also has another citizenship, as the authorities can not make people stateless, according to human rights.

This has prompted lawyers to respond. Such a scheme will mean that people are treated differently according to the law, depending on whether they have one or two citizenship, the Legal Policy Association points out in their consultation response.

“It’s preventative if you have two citizenship and you risk losing it Norwegian. I think it’s worth it, says Trellevik.

The Labor Party and the Center Party oppose the introduction of dual citizenship because they believe it will weaken the possibility of combating forced marriage and the practice of sending children out of the country to “raise them”.

Trellevik looks different to it.

“It may be easier to follow up such cases because they are Norwegian citizens too. Then we have a legitimate right to enter into dialogue with other countries’ authorities about Norwegian citizens, “he says.
Loyalty Conflict?

Sp leader Trygve Slagsvold Vedum also questions with the loyalty of a person who has two citizenship.

– If Norway is in conflict with another country, will a citizen in both countries think only Norwegian interests when the person in question is in a Norwegian election? he asked in a post in Dagbladet on November 23rd.

He indicates that the National Security Authority (NSM) has also warned about this.

– You can turn it over. Should you choose citizenship, you may be frustrated by it. However, if you accept that you are allowed to have two citizenship, it is much easier to settle for it. This way, it will be conflict-reducing, Trellevik believes.

Can get back the passport

With the amendment, people who have previously had to renounce that Norwegian citizenship could apply for a return. However, persons who have been sentenced to imprisonment in Norway or abroad will not be able to get the citizenship back.

Before the law can come into force, Norway must wholly or partially terminate the Council of Europe Convention of 6 May 1963, which states that Norwegian citizens will lose their citizenship if one gets a new one. The legislative amendments may not enter into force one year after the Council of Europe has received notification of Norway’s termination, the Ministry of Education, which is responsible for the matter, informs NTB.

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