Njie Charakh supports OSDIVI

Njie Charakh supports OSDIVI

By Cherno OmarBobb

Njie Charakh World Market, dealers in all kinds of men and women wears last Saturday donated a sum of ten thousand dalasis (D10,000) to the Organization for Social Development and Inclusion for Visually Impaired (OSDIVI) at a presentation ceremony held at OSDIVI office in Kanifing.

The gesture followed the organisation’s appeal for support to the owner of Njie Charakh World Market.

In handing over the cash, Njie Charakh expressed his readiness to support them in whatever way he could as well as approach other philanthropists on their behalf.

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“The organisation was established with a view to promoting, empowering and working for the welfare for persons with disabilities in The Gambia.”

The institution, which is about to roll out business management classes for entrepreneurs, has extended invitation to OSDIVI so send in their members to be trained.

“I have opened a shop for Jabang Football Team where we use our profit for the sustainability of the team. I intend to also open one for you where your trained members will be in charge of running the business and bring back any profit they make to you at the end of every month.” 

The institution thus appealed to Government, philanthropists and anyone who can, to support the organisation with a view to alleviating poverty and provide equal opportunities for disabled persons in communities.

Receiving the items, Yankuba Faal Sonko, founder of OSDIVI, thanked the organisation for the swift response.

Sonko pointed out that his organisation’s vision is to see a country in which disabled persons are empowered and fully integrated in the mainstream development of the society.

He spoke about the intervention and projects he initiated to empower, train, give skills and small scale micro-finance support to persons with disabilities to be able to setup small enterprise, and engage in income generating activities to reduce poverty and unemployment.

Momodou Saidykhan, a member of the organization, also hailed the organisation for the assistance and his intentions to ensure Persons With Disabilities live dignified lives and feel part of humanity.


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