Niumi Hands expresses concern over security of its people

Niumi Hands expresses concern over security of its people

By Cherno Omar Bobb

The people of Niumi, through their Niumi Hands organization, have called on government and the security authorities in the country to provide formidable security for them as Gambian citizens, following recent armed attacks in their settlements.

A group of heavily armed men unleashed a merciless attack on the border village of Fass Njaga Choi in the early hours of Saturday 12 February 2023.

During the unfortunate incident, a police officer on duty was shot in the hand and mercilessly beaten, leaving him with serious injuries. A shop was also broken into and some cash taken away while some civilians were said to have been assaulted.

The leadership of Niumi Hands, a constituency-based association, has expressed shock, saying they were taken aback by the news. The association describes the act as barbaric and scary as well as something that has sent a wave of fear across residents of Niumi, particularly those living in border villages. “We therefore strongly condemn the act and stand in solidarity with our people,” stated the association in statement signed by its president Alpha MK Lowe.

“This and similar incidents in the past have made us increasingly concerned over the security of our people, and herein loudly call on the President of the Republic of The Gambia, through the Ministry of Interior and the Inspector General of Police to put necessary measures in place to avoid the recurrence of such unfortunate, but avoidable situations and maximise the security of our people and their properties,” the statement appeals.

“We equally challenge our National Assembly Member and other representatives to step up their games in advocating for the welfare of our people and call for the following mitigating actions to be instituted: that the matter be thoroughly investigated and culprits be brought to book; that the human and material resource capacity of the police stations of Amdalai, Ndungu Kebbeh and Barra, and the Njongon Army Barracks be enhanced; that joint patrol teams of the police and the army be regularly dispatched along border villages, particularly at night, which will increase the security presence in the vicinity; that night checkpoints, with required capacities, be instituted at strategic locations; and that security toll free numbers be provided and popularised among residents of Niumi.” 


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