Nigeria:Heartfelt Plea: Parents Urge Government to Save Their Children from the Clutches of Kidnappers in NYSC Kidnapping Case

Nigeria:Heartfelt Plea: Parents Urge Government to Save Their Children from the Clutches of Kidnappers in NYSC Kidnapping Case

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

In a heart-wrenching plea, parents whose children fell victim to a kidnapping incident along the Zamfara highway on August 17, 2023, as they journeyed to the Sokoto State Orientation Camp for the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) scheme, have once again implored both the Federal and Akwa Ibom State governments for assistance in securing the release of their loved ones.

The concerned parents, who gathered in Uyo after a meeting, expressed their frustration and lack of confidence in the efforts of security agencies to rescue the prospective corps members, who have been held captive in the Zamfara forest for three agonizing months.

Solomon Emmanuel, one of the parents, highlighted the harrowing experience of securing the freedom of two victims, a male and a female, who were released after their parents managed to raise the ransom demanded by the kidnappers. He lamented the inability of the affected families to meet the current demand of N70 million, urging the government to intervene urgently.

Voicing her distress, a parent identified as Mrs. Idongesit shared the anguish of not being able to communicate with her daughter since the incident. She expressed deep concern over the kidnappers’ recent threat to start killing the abducted children if the ransom is not raised promptly.

Blaming the AKTC motor park for not adhering to warnings about the unsafe route after 6 pm, Mrs. Idongesit underscored the pain and sleepless nights the parents endure, emphasizing the lack of support from the Akwa Ibom government and other avenues they have reached out to for assistance.

Despite efforts, including borrowing money, taking loans, and selling property to raise over N30 million for ransom, the children remain in captivity. The parents called on Governor Umo Eno, federal and state lawmakers, especially Senate President Godwill Akpabio, to take urgent action and ensure the safe return of their children.

The emotional distress was palpable, with some parents, like Mr. Bassey, too overwhelmed to articulate their pain. The urgency of the situation was highlighted as the ransom deadline looms, leaving the parents desperate for support.

It was revealed that some parents and family members couldn’t attend the meeting in Uyo due to the shock caused by the deteriorating health condition of the children still held in the kidnappers’ den.

As these desperate parents continue to grapple with the traumatic ordeal, their collective plea echoes the dire need for swift and effective intervention to secure the safe release of their children from the clutches of Zamfara bandits. The community’s anguish is a stark reminder of the urgent action required to address the security challenges and protect the lives of citizens in the face of such distressing circumstances.

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