Nigeria: Zaria Shi’ites Massacre Survivor Shares Heart-Wrenching Tale: “My child has a bullet in his chest; I lost five”

Nigeria: Zaria Shi’ites Massacre Survivor Shares Heart-Wrenching Tale: “My child has a bullet in his chest; I lost five”

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

In the aftermath of the 2015 Zaria massacre in Kaduna State, Hajiya Jummai Karofi, a survivor, shares a harrowing account of the tragic loss of her five children during the incident. Expressing deep sadness and disillusionment, she recounts the traumatic experience and dismisses any hope of receiving justice.

As a mother of nine, Karofi reveals the devastating toll of the Zaria massacre, where three of her biological children and two adopted children lost their lives. One surviving child bears a bullet in his chest, a chilling reminder of the violence endured, while Karofi herself suffered severe injuries.

Her narrative unveils the horror witnessed during the massacre, describing a scene of indiscriminate shootings, with assailants showing no regard for selecting their victims. The motive behind the senseless violence remains unclear to her, adding to the profound sense of tragedy surrounding the incident.

Speaking at the Islamic Movement in Nigeria’s (Shi’ites) 8th-anniversary commemoration of the massacre in Abuja, Karofi expresses her loss of hope for justice. She reflects on the movement being targeted twice without apparent justification during the current administration.

The event, themed ‘The Site of Memory: An Ardent Resistance of Our Fallen Heroes,’ served as a platform for survivors and advocates to share their experiences and call for justice. Professor Isah Hassan Mshelgaru, a guest speaker, emphasized the urgency of prosecuting those responsible for the December 12, 2015 massacre in Zaria.

Mshelgaru urged human rights advocates, both locally and internationally, as well as organizations such as Amnesty International and UNICEF, to address the violation of women and children’s rights during the Zaria massacre. He called for concerted efforts to bring the perpetrators to justice on war crimes or similar charges.

Highlighting the severity of the violations, Mshelgaru emphasized that the victims were not only kidnapped but also subjected to sexual harassment and merciless murder by state terrorists. He proposed leveraging global awareness efforts to garner international sympathy and ultimately bring the violators before the International Court of Justice.

The testimonies and calls for justice underscore the ongoing impact of the Zaria massacre on survivors and their families, revealing a collective plea for accountability and redress in the face of unimaginable loss and trauma.

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