Nigeria: Workers find headless female corpse in Abia

Nigeria: Workers find headless female corpse in Abia

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

The decaying body of a unidentified lady has been found in the Umuahia South Neighborhood Government Area of Abia State.

PUNCH Metro accumulated that the dumped body was found without the head as of the time it was found.

An observer, Kinsley Alozie, let our journalist on Monday know that the headless body was located around Ohiya Repairman Town internal Abia Pinnacles on Sunday by engineers who had gone to lay link in the drain they dug days sooner.

As per Alozie, who addressed the designer that was responsible for laying the links, the specialists had said the odor that overflowed from the breaking down body made the laborers leave the venture forthcoming when the applicable specialists would eliminate the body.

Alozie shared the sound of a discussion he had with the anonymous designer with our journalist.

The specialist said, “My young men tracked down another body yesterday. I was even in the congregation when they called me

“The body is smelling. They should work there when they called and let me know that they can’t work since they saw another dead body.

“They saw it a couple of meters from the spot we saw the last body. The area is soon after Repairman Town coming towards Abia Pinnacles. This one happened that they cut off her head.”

Making sense of further, he portrayed that the men had dug the drain for the links a few days sooner however when they returned later to lay the lines, they could never again work due to the smell,

“They didn’t eliminate the first and afterward there’s this subsequent one. It isn’t near the street, soon after the drain. Like two meters after the drain,” he said.

At the point when reached, the state Police Advertising Official, ASP Maureen Chinaka, vowed to investigate what is happening as it was not revealed.

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