Nigeria: UNILAG asks students to continue using mattress, parents protest

Nigeria: UNILAG asks students to continue using mattress, parents protest

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

The University of Lagos management, UNILAG, yesterday explained why students staying on campus were asked to come to the hostel with their mattresses and other personal belongings due to health reasons.

The statement comes amid an outcry from parents who complained about recent hikes in tuition, boarding and other fees.

In an interview with Vanguard, the university’s head of information, Adejoke Alaga Ibrahim, also said that the hall will be renovated before it reopens to students later this month.

In response to complaints from parents and students that the university’s new tuition policy requires schools to provide such items.

Alaga Ibraheem said: This has been common practice for some time. It’s not new. We also carry out renovation work for various hostels. Some of them will be completely renovated before students return to work at the end of the month.

“We will continue to work on areas where renovations may not be completed by the time students return. We are working to create dormitories that are easy for students to use. As for the complaint that boarding fees should be enough for schools to provide these items, we all know the situation in this country and the cost of the items. For example, a yearly hostel fee of 65,000 naira is not as expensive as what you would pay for private accommodation.

Administrators are concerned about the welfare of our students and are making every effort to ensure that they feel comfortable on campus.”

However, in reaction to this development, a parent who wished to remain anonymous said: I lamented. This is a middle school where students are asked to bring their own bedding to school. ‘That’s unbelievable. “This is a university that has just increased tuition fees and boarding fees.”

Recall that school management has recently increased compulsory education fees, including boarding fees.

Dormitory fees are the original amount. Depending on the type of hostel, the amount increased from N25,000, N100,000, N120,000.

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