Nigeria: “Under the Veil of Darkness: Bandits Abduct Federal Housing Authority Director near Abuja Military Base, Escalating Insecurity Concerns in the FCT”

Nigeria: “Under the Veil of Darkness: Bandits Abduct Federal Housing Authority Director near Abuja Military Base, Escalating Insecurity Concerns in the FCT”

By Zuleihat Owuiye, Mamos Nigeria

“In the Shadows of Night: Bandits Launch Brazen Attack, Abduct Federal Housing Authority Director Aondo Ver near Abuja Military Base, Amplifying Anxiety Amidst Escalating Insecurity in the Federal Capital Territory

In a harrowing incident that unfolded in the early hours of Thursday, audacious bandits struck at the heart of security in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), kidnapping Aondo Ver, a director in the Federal Housing Authority. The assailants, operating with impunity, unleashed chaos in Pambara Extension, located just 200 meters from a military base known as ‘camp’ in the Bwari Area Council of Abuja.

Under the cover of darkness, around 12:30 am on Thursday, the bandits, armed and dangerous, fired indiscriminately, sending shockwaves throughout the area and inducing panic among residents. The brazenness of the attack becomes even more alarming considering the close proximity to a military base. The abducted director, Mr. Aondo Ver, was taken into captivity as the assailants swiftly vanished into the dense bushes surrounding the scene.

Residents, still grappling with the shock of the audacious attack, confirmed that the targeted area included a mix of civilian residents and military personnel, both serving and retired. Despite the fortified presence of a military base, the bandits successfully executed the kidnapping, leaving the community in disbelief.

A source familiar with the incident shared, ‘Bandits attacked Pambara Extension over the night, at about 12:30 am today (Thursday), and they abducted one of our neighbours, Mr Aondo Ver, who is a Director in Federal Housing Authority, FCT.’ The source further highlighted the proximity of the incident to the military base, stating, ‘The part of Pambara Extension where Mr. Ver was kidnapped is just about 200 meters away from the military base. But the kidnappers escaped through the bushes with the victim.’

Another resident expressed disbelief, stating, ‘The attack is still shocking to us. Our estate is very close to the military base here known as ‘camp’ at the entrance of Bwari, and there are also serving and retired military personnel living with us here, yet these bandits were bold enough to attack this place and kidnap Mr. Ver.’

The incident adds to the growing wave of insecurity in the FCT, sparking concerns among residents and authorities alike. Despite attempts to obtain official statements, neither the Nigerian Army spokesperson, Brigadier General Onyema Nwachukwu, nor the FCT Police Command spokesperson, Josephine Adeh, provided comments at the time of reporting.

Abiodun Sanusi, a seasoned journalist with over six years of media experience covering various beats, including metro, entertainment, politics, civil societies, foreign affairs, crime, and security, reported on this distressing development.

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