Nigeria: “Tragic Day on the Roads: 17 Lives Lost and 18 Injured in Kwara and Kaduna Auto Crashes”

Nigeria: “Tragic Day on the Roads: 17 Lives Lost and 18 Injured in Kwara and Kaduna Auto Crashes”

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

In tragic events yesterday, 17 lives were lost, and 18 people were injured in separate auto accidents in Kwara and Kaduna states. In Kwara, a collision between a DAF truck and a Toyota Hi-Ace mini-bus claimed 11 lives, while in Kaduna, six people died and 11 were injured on the Kaduna-Zaria expressway. The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) is actively involved in rescue operations and investigations for both incidents.

In Kwara, the FRSC confirmed that the crash resulted from wrongful overtaking and speed violation, with the Toyota Hi-Ace minibus driver, traveling from Gombe to Lagos, making a fatal mistake. The FRSC, along with the Nigeria Police Command, conducted a rescue operation, revealing 11 fatalities and seven injuries.

Similarly, in Kaduna, the FRSC’s Sector Commander, Mr. Kabir Nadabo, reported a multiple-vehicle accident caused by speeding and dangerous driving. The crash, near Aliko filling station on the Kaduna-Zaria expressway, involved a Toyota bus traveling from Ilesha to Batsari in Katsina State. The driver’s high speed and loss of control resulted in the collision, leading to six fatalities and 11 injuries.

Nadabo expressed concern about non-resident motorists causing accidents on the highway due to fatigue. The FRSC in Kaduna emphasized its commitment to saving lives, promoting road safety awareness, and addressing unethical road behavior.

These incidents underscore the importance of responsible driving and adherence to road safety measures to prevent avoidable tragedies on our highways.

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