Nigeria: Three Osun students hospitalized as gunmen open fire on hairstyling salon’s

Nigeria: Three Osun students hospitalized as gunmen open fire on hairstyling salon’s

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

Three students of the Osun State School of Health Technology, Ilesa, have been fired by Gunmen suspected to be cultists close to the institution’s grounds.

The incident supposedly happened on Sunday at a hairstyling salon’s in Amuta junction, Ilesa, where the casualties had gone to charge their cell phones.

Sources in the school told PUNCH Metro that the people in question, a male understudy and two females, subsequent to being taken shots at, supported serious wounds and must be hurried to the Osun State College Showing Medical clinic, Osogbo, for therapy.

An understudy of the school, who talked on state of secrecy, during a meeting with our reporter on Monday, expressed out loud whatever prompted the shooting couldn’t be quickly determined.

He, nonetheless, said the culprits were accepted to be cultists participated in crew battle with some adversary bunches nearby.

“I don’t have the foggiest idea what prompted the firing yet we heard shots at a hair parlor’s in Amuta where the three understudies had gone to charge their cell phones.

“At the point when we got to the scene, the male among them was the main I noticed. He was shot in the stomach. He was not dead as of the time he and different casualties, who are women were moved to an emergency clinic in Osogbo for treatment,” the source said.

The Advertising Official of Osun State Order of the Nigeria Security and Common Safeguard Corps, Kehinde Adeleke, who told our journalist that the occurrence was accounted for, expressed subtleties of the culprits of the wrongdoing were not known at this point.

Adeleke said, “On Sunday, July 23, 2023, around 9pm, it was assembled that three understudies (one male and two females) of the Osun State School of Wellbeing Innovation, Ilesa were fired by obscure shooters while charging their telephones at Amuta intersection.

“The understudies supported high levels of projectile injury. The casualties have been raced to Uniosun Showing Medical clinic Osogbo by the Amuta people group. The understudies were subsequently alluded to OAU Showing Medical clinic, Ile-Ife.”

In the mean time, four thought cultists have been captured by agents of the Counter Cultism Unit of the State Police Order and individuals from Nigeria Trackers and Backwoods Security Administration in Osogbo.

An occupant of the Olugunna area of Osogbo, where the suspects were grabbed, told our reporter that individuals from rival faction bunches were getting ready to go after each other when a tracker going through the area spotted them and cautioned the police.

He added that during the joint strike on the refuge of the suspects, one man conveying a privately created weapon was captured.

“It was the data given to the group by a cultist that was captured before that prompted the capture of another three.

“Each of the four suspects were captured at the Olugunna area of Osogbo on Sunday. Agents of Hostile to Cultism Gathering of Osun Police Order and the individuals from Nigeria Trackers and Woods Security Administration did the attacks,” he said.

At the point when reached, the state Police Advertising Official, Yemisi Opalola, affirmed the capture, saying that agents of the counter cultism crew assaulted the region.

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